D’arcy Wretzky Biography, Net Worth, Family Life And Other Important Facts
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D’arcy Wretzky is an American singer known as the former bassist of the alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins, which was founded in 1988 in Chicago, Illinois by Billy Corgan, the lead singer. Other members of the band were James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin.

After being in the band for a decade, Wretzky left the band in 1999 with the intention of pursuing an acting career. What happened after that; was she able to fulfill her acting dreams? Scroll down to find out more.

D’arcy Wretzky’s Biography

Wretzky was born on May 1, 1968, in South Haven, Michigan, as D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky of Vikki Anderson and Jerry Wretzky. Her father was a pipe maker, while her mother was a lounge singer who had a great influence on Wretzky and her sister by encouraging them to play music.

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As a result, little Wretzky loved and developed an interest in music. It was only natural that she started to learn the guitar early in life. Besides the guitar, she also played the violin and oboe and performed in choirs. At the age of ten, she had already decided to pursue a musical career despite the great stage fright in her childhood. Her passion for music was nevertheless stronger. It did not take long before she learned to deal with her fears and to overcome them.

D’arcy is a graduate of South Haven’s L.C. Mohr High School, during high school she developed an interest in post-punk and even played in cover bands.

When she finished high school, she moved to France to join a band that she discovered had broken up when she arrived. D’arcy returned to U.S. Chicago, to be exact, and spent a whole summer attending concerts while sitting with friends, it was during this time that she learned to play bass. Wretzky encourages learning to play bass guitar without being taught.

After a concert at a local rock club she heard Billy Corgan criticizing the band, there was an argument, followed by a discussion and before the day was over Wretzky got a job with the Smashing Pumpkins and so she became a recognized bass player in the band.

She left the band in 1999 to pursue a career as an actress. During her time with the group, the Smashing Pumpkins recorded five studio albums, including Siamese Dream, Gish, Adore, Mellon Collie and the Infinite and Machina/The Machines of God. She was arrested for cocaine possession after she left the band. It was at this time that Corgan revealed that she didn’t really leave the group but was fired because she was a drug addict and refused to get help.

After the end of her time at Smashing Pumpkins, D’arcy worked as a second vocalist with the band Catherine for their album Hot Saki and Bedtime Stories. She also appeared in the video for Four Leaf Clover and worked on the songs of several artists before she disappeared into thin air for many years.

After many years outside of Limelight, D’arcy Wretzky resurfaced in 2009 by unexpectedly appearing on Chicago’s Q101 FM with Ryan Manno. During the short interview, she explained that she was physically not ready to be a musician. She also said that she was living on a farm in Michigan at the time, but that she had previously lived briefly in Austin, Texas during her off-peak period.

In February 2011, she was sent to jail for six days for missing four court dates related to a ticket she had received for not checking her horses. Later that same month she was also arrested in South Haven, Michigan, on a DUI offense.

Her Net Worth 

D’arcy is said to be worth an estimated $7 million, derived from her music career and private business and income. Apparently, she owns three antique stores in Michigan.

Family Life

Speaking of her childhood and her relationship with her family members, D’arcy tells us that she was a tomboy who grew up and had a very contentious relationship with her sister. She described her father as a strange man.

She was married to Kerry Brown from 1993 to 1999. During her interview in Chicago’s Q101 FM, she also mentioned that her former fiancé Wendell Green had died.

In an interview with Loudwire in 2016, filter singer Richard Patrick revealed that he had a romantic relationship with Wretzky and that his song Miss Blue was about her.

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Other Important Facts About D’arcy Wretzky

D’arcy Wretzky was recently in the news because he was not invited to the Smashing Pumpkins meeting. When she gave her first interview in almost two decades in February 2018, she was extremely bitter and critical of Corgan and her past. She described Corgan as a self-centered man who had no interest in her interests either during her time at the Pumpkins or after she left the group.

She also responded to Corgan’s claims that after her expulsion from the band in 1999, he reached out to her and invited her to join the band’s reunion, which she declined. Wretzky replied that she had only heard about the Pumpkins’ alleged reunion in 2005 on the news.