Emma Digiovine Biography, Net Worth, Husband If Married

Before her name became popular, Emma Digiovine was just an ordinary Fox News Channel employee responsible for some of the company’s productions. Things changed completely, however, and she began to aspire to something completely different after opening up about her relationship with a married man named Jesse Watters, who happens to be the host of the popular show Watters’ World on Fox.

Before the shocking revelation, Digiovine was the associate producer of Watters’ World. She was quickly relieved of her duties on the show and transferred to another neighborhood after the scandal reached the audience. Click here for more details about Emma, her net worth, and her marital status.

Emma Digiovine Biography

Emma Digiovine may be trendy because of her affair with a married man, but she is a very private person. As for information about her family, she still has to reveal the names of her parents, siblings, and relatives.

Emma Digiovine – Biography, Net Worth, Husband If Married
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Nevertheless, we can state that she was born in 1992 in a place called Cranford, New Jersey. She received her education in the United States. During her school years, Digiovine participated in sports such as softball, field hockey, and soccer. During her studies at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth Convent Station in Jersey (High School), she also took dance classes before enrolling in journalism studies at Fairfield University.

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During her time at the university, she was a member of Fairfield University’s dance ensemble and later graduated with a grade point average of 3.8. The journalist is said to have worked as an intern at Showtime and for the Fairfield University Student Association, after which she began a modeling career with MSA Models. She reportedly promoted fit clothing for elite brands such as Macy’s and Tommy Hilfiger.

Digiovine was hired by Fox News Channel in 2015, but before that, she worked briefly at Fairfield University’s The Mirror newspaper and later as an associate editor at Wainscot Media, where she anchored health, lifestyle, and digital trends.

Although she joined Fox News in 2015, Emma Digiovine earned extra money as an employee of Elite Daily until 2016, when she left the U.S. online news platform. She began her career at Fox as a production assistant for the talk show Stossel and as a personal assistant to the show’s host, John Stossel.

After working on Stossel for over a year, Emma was asked to become an Associate Producer of the show Watters’ World, which takes a look at everything from American politics to pop culture. It is known that the journalist has produced some of the show’s most popular programs, including the inauguration of Donald Trump and many others.

Emma Digiovine received broader media coverage in late 2017 after she and Jesse informed Fox’s human resources department that they were in a consensual affair. The two decided to set things straight right after Watters’s wife, Noelle Watters, learned of the affair and filed for divorce from her husband.

Emma Digiovine – Biography, Net Worth, Husband If Married
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After a subsequent meeting with the couple, Digiovine management immediately moved Digiovine to another show, The Ingraham Angle as a producer.

Noelle Watters, presenter and fashion stylist, met the father of her twin daughters while working at Fox News Channel. They married in 2009 and welcomed Ellie Watters and Sophie Watters two years later. Noelle is best known for hosting the Fox iMag fashion show.

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Her Net Worth

Emma’s career seems to have been overshadowed by her scandalous affair with Jesse, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a high-profile television producer and radio journalist. As a fast-rising media personality, her career is already on the upswing and will certainly pay off strongly in the near future. At the moment her salary is not a matter of publicity, but Emma Digiovine’s net worth is estimated at $500,000.

Her Husband, Is She Married?

When the affair of Jesse and Digiovine first became public and the latter was later transferred to another program, the two were still together at that time. However, since Noelle started a divorce battle, not much has been heard about Emma and her boyfriend.

While many believe that they are still together, but their relationship remains in the background, neither Jesse nor Emma have really talked openly about their affair lately. As for the journalist’s marital status, we know so far that she has not yet made a life-long commitment to any man.

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