Hop Along Bio, Facts, Everything To Know About The Musical Group

While there are many hip-hop stars who are currently making waves in the American music industry, there are also rock musicians and indie rock band groups who have become the center of the industry. The list of the most popular indie rock bands includes the American music group Hop Along. This band has not only had a great influence on the genre of alternative rock music but has also done great work in the genre of folk and acoustic rock music.

The famous rock group Hop Along is known for its outstanding and captivating musical style. The group, which consists of four members, was initially called “Hop Along, Queen Ansleis” before changing its name to “Hop Along”. The group, which has been active on the American music scene since 2005, has released four albums that have been both critically and commercially successful, as well as several other EPs.

The group gained great recognition when it was named among several other rock bands that will perform at the 2019 Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Here we have collected some interesting facts about the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based rock group that you should know. Read more about them below.

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Hop Along – Bio

The indie rock band was founded in 2004 as an acoustic freak-folk solo project called “Hop Along, Queen Ansiels”. It was founded by Frances Quinlan, a high school student, and was born out of her passion and optimism for rock music. After its foundation, Frances released her first album in the summer of the following year 2005, entitled “Freshman Year”.

Hop Along – Bio, Facts, Everything To Know About The Musical Group
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After performing as a soloist for several more years, the talented singer and guitarist opened the door for more people to join her. In 2008 her brother Mark Quinlan joined her as a drummer and the following year Tyler Long (a bass player) also joined the group. As part of the new formation, the trio decided to change its name from Hop Along, Queen Ansiels to Hop Along, which it still carries today.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the rock band group has released four full-length albums and several EPs. Their first EP entitled Wretches was released in 2009 and became a hit shortly after its release. Three years later they released their first full-length album Get Disowned. The album was released in May 2012 and received positive reviews from critics and the independent music press. After the success of their first album, the band’s popularity began to grow, attracting the attention of popular record companies who offered lucrative record deals for the band. In the same year, the group also welcomed another member, Joe Reinhart (a guitarist).

In late 2014, Hop Along later signed with Saddle Creek Records, who would later produce their follow-up albums. In 2015, the rock group released another full-length album called Painted Shut. Just like their previous efforts, the new album, which was released on May 4, 2015, met with an extremely positive and critical response from the press and fans.

The breakthrough came in 2018 with the release of their fourth album. Their album entitled Back Your Head Off, Dog was released on April 6, 2018. After the release of the extremely successful album, their single How Simple from the album was released on various streaming sites, where it received massive hits and downloads to this day. Some of her other songs include Songs of the Sea and Is Something Wrong?

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Other Interesting Facts about the Musical Group

  • Hop Along’s second album, Painted Shut, landed on several high-profile year-end lists, including Rolling Stone’s 50 best albums of 2015. It also landed a place in Billboard’s rock, independent, vinyl, and heatseekers charts.
  • Their second guitarist Joe Reinhart joined the group in 2012 after the release of their first album “Get Disowned”.
  • Other former members of the group include Peter Helmis (a keyboardist), Jacki Sulley, and Dominic Angelella.
  • The group has toured extensively and has also organized several concerts in various locations throughout the United States.
  • After the release of several successful albums, Hop Along has accumulated a huge amount of money and enriched its members equally. However, the net value of the group cannot be determined at this time as it is still under review.
  • Their musical style is not only indie rock, but also extends to folk-rock, acoustic rock, and emo, to name a few.

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