Jeannie Mai Bio, Ex Husband – Freddy Harteis, Divorce, Net Worth, Parents

Jeannie Mai is a well-known American actress, television personality, make-up artist, and veteran when it comes to fashion issues. She has hosted and co-hosted several television shows including Character Fantasy, which she hosted on USA Network in 2006 and Style Network in 2004, and How Do I Look? She is currently co-hosting the Fox talk show The Real, which premiered on July 15, 2013.

Over the years, Jeannie Mai has proven that she is capable of dealing with anything that is thrown at her, especially at the end of her marriage. Many people don’t know how strong she is, but the truth is that insurmountable differences in any marriage are always a disaster, and Jeannie Mai can testify to this fact. Her ten-year marriage to Freddy Harteis broke up because of a disagreement over procreation.

Here you can find more information about the host of the talk show you did not know.

Jeannie Mai: Bio

Jeannie Camtu Mai was born on January 4, 1979, in San Jose, California, and is her parents’ oldest child. She grew up in California with two younger brothers named Daniel and Dennis. As she grew up, she practiced her home religion, Buddhism, but later changed to Christianity.

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She received her secondary education at Milpitas High School and later earned a degree in Communication at De Anza College. Belonging to a large family prompted the rising star to work early in life; by the time she was 16, Mai was already going to job interviews and experimenting with make-up sets from her mother, who was a local celebrity.

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Jeannie Mai: Career

At the age of 18, Mai got her first job as a make-up artist with MAC Cosmetics while living in San Jose, California. She gradually made progress in her career until she was deemed competent enough to work for celebrities. She was later hired by MTV’s Total Request to Live as a celebrity makeup stylist, as were others including Good Day Sacramento and KCAL Los Angeles.

After auditioning for several hosting gigs, she got a job as Stir’s co-host on the International Channel in 2003. She was then hired to host her own music countdown on the California Music Channel. She later got the job as an entertainment producer and reporter for The Daily Mixx on WB.

Her first prime-time host job was in 2005 for Character Fantasy, which aired on the USA Network. When she finally moved to Los Angeles, she began hosting programs on entertainment news and fashion on various stations including NBC, E!, Lifetime and TLC. TLC’s 10 Years Younger finally offered her a spot on the TLC beauty squad.

2008 was a special year for Jeannie Mai. She not only hosted TLC’s Miss America Reality Check but also Where’s Your Style and the Makeover Special Dude. That same year, the cosmetics brand Never Accept made Mai their spokesperson.

In 2009, she was named as her presenter on the Style Network’s fashion makeover show How Do I Look. On weekends, she appeared with Mario Lopez on NBC’s Extra TV, where she was a correspondent and weekend anchor. She hosted the 2011 Miss Universe competition and also worked as a fashion consultant with NBC’s The Biggest Loser weight loss competition. May was among the guest judges for the first cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model 2012.

From 2014 to date, Jeannie has hosted several shows including Style Pop on Style Network, The Real on FOX and Steampunk’d on GSN.

She has also received several brand recommendations including Woolite, Macy’s Splenda, Colgate, Avon, Yoplait, Ford, The Limited, David’s Bridal, Microsoft, and Biogen.

Ex-husband, Freddy Harteis & Divorce

Jeannie Mai Bio, Ex Husband – Freddy Harteis, Divorce, Net Worth, Parents
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October 2017 was not a lucky month for Jeannie Mai and her husband Freddy Harteis. Their decision to end their ten-year marriage was made public, and the divorce papers cited insurmountable differences on the issue of having children as the reason for this.

Jeannie had always been against having children, and she made this clear from the beginning of their relationship, even before marriage. But as Freddy grew older, he changed his mind. In other words, divorce was inevitable.

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Jeannie Mai has both a Vietnamese and a Chinese heritage thanks to her parents. Her father, James Mai, is Vietnamese, while her mother, Olivia TuTram Mai, is Chinese. As she grew up, Jeannie Mai was careful to keep in touch with both sides of her heritage.

Net Worth

With her annual salary of $120,000 and the contracts and trademark agreements she has signed in the past, the Real co-host can boast an estimated net worth of $1 million. Considering how diligent Jeannie Mai is, it will not come as a complete surprise that this amount will increase in the future.

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