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Mitchell Hope is an Australian actor and model who became famous after his appearance in the original Disney musical film Descendants (2015) directed by Kenny Ortega – known for high school musicals. Hope’s performance of the role of Ben won him the hearts of millions of Disney fans, who have since become increasingly interested in what is happening in his life.

Descendants celebrated its premiere with very positive reviews and attracted over 6.6 million viewers. In July 2017 a sequel was released with Descendants 2. Like its predecessor, it received positive ratings and recorded a considerable number of viewers. The film is now number 2 of the Disney Chanel original film of all time. It is only surpassed by High School Musicals 2.

Not much is known about Hope in 2015, but we have done our research and here is everything you should know about your favorite actor from Descendants.

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Mitchell Hope Age/Wiki/Bio

Mitchell J. Hope was born on 27 June 1994 in Melbourne, Australia. His mother’s name is Lisa and his siblings include Jonah and Tobias. His acting career officially started in 2012 when he played the role of Jonno in two short films called “Yes Mum” and “Down The Way” in which he played Ryan.

In 2014 Hope appeared in the TV mini-series “Never Tear Us Apart”: The Untold Story of INXS” in which he played Young Tim. Hope was about to give up acting because of a slow start when he sent a self-recorded casting video of himself to Disney, who was looking for actors for Descendants at the time.

Luckily for Hope, his talent impressed the filmmakers, who then invited him to Los Angeles, California to read opposite Dove Cameron.

“We were fascinated by Mitchell’s natural acting style, his boyish charm and winning personality,” said Disney Casting Vice President Judy Taylor.

She added: “…and when we brought him to Los Angeles to read opposite Dove Cameron, it was obvious that he embodied the inherent goodness of ‘Ben’ and the sense of fairness that the character represents.

Hope was cast as Prince Ben, the teenage son of Queen Belle (Keegan Connor Tracy) and King Beast (Dan Payne). He has resumed his role in the TV series Descendants: Wicked World and, of course, Descendants 2.

With the impressive success of Descendants, there is no doubt that Hope would turn it into an enviable Hollywood career. Hope now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Mitchell Hope Dating / Girlfriend

Hope was matched with Dove Cameron on Descendants and the intense chemistry between the two made fans wonder if they were really partners. The simple answer is: NO THEY AREN’T! Both actors meet different people in real life.

At the premiere of Descendants 2, Dove Cameron explained that the reason for the strong chemistry between the two on-screen is that they are best friends in real life.

She told J14: “Mitchell is one of my favorite people on earth. I mean that in a real way. Do you know how people say that in Hollywood? I wouldn’t say that unless I meant it. When two people see something in common, it’s like they’re looking across the room at someone on the first day of school and it’s like, “I see myself in you, and you see yourself in me.”

“Mitchell and I were each other’s rock in the first movie. In the second film, we were inseparable. “He’s like my best friend, my brother… so it’s funny that we’re significant others in the movie. I think that’s why there’s so much chemistry on screen because I tell him everything! I laugh with him maybe more than with anyone else, except maybe with Thomas, who is my friend in real life.”

Dove began dating her co-star Thomas Doherty from Descendants 2 in 2017 after she broke off her engagement with fellow actor and singer Ryan McCartan in 2016. Dove and Ryan dated for three years from 2013 to October 2016.

On the other hand, in 2015 it was revealed that Hope is dating Australian On the Wall actress Tayla Audrey. Her social media posts clearly reveal her romance. The two often take turns marking each other on Twitter and Instagram posts.

The pair debuted on the red carpet at the premiere of Descendants (top left) and performed together again in 2017 at the premiere of Descendants 2 (top right).

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Mitchell Hope Abs Height

Hope has everything you need to make millions of his female fans faint. The looks, the green eyes, the abs and his incredible height of 175 cm (5 ft 9 inch).

His role as the son of the animal in the offspring requires him to train often to keep the abdominal muscles in shape.