Sanjay Gupta Wife, Family, Daughters, Siblings, Net Worth

Sanjay Gupta is a renowned American-Indian neurosurgeon who is also an Emmy Award-winning medical reporter for CNN and a best-selling author for the New York Times. Gupta, who currently serves as Deputy Chief of Neurosurgery at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, was under the Obama administration when he was considered for the position of Surgeon General of the United States, but withdrew his name. Read on to learn more about his early beginnings, his career, and his family.

Sanjay Gupta Biography

Sanjay Gupta was born on October 23, 1969, in Novi, Michigan, to Indian immigrant parents, Subhash and Damyanti Gupta. He attended Novi High School before enrolling at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where he studied biomedical sciences. After earning his first degree, he returned to the Michigan School of Medicine to earn his doctorate in medicine.

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During this time, Gupta wrote several articles on health care issues in the United States and elsewhere. Some of these articles were read by Bill Clinton and led to him being awarded a White House Fellowship to Hillary Clinton as a Special Advisor on Medicine and Healthcare. In 2000, Gupta completed his residency in neurological surgery before receiving a fellowship at the Semmes Murphy Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee. A year later, he joined CNN’s medical news team and reported on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. After two years, Gupta flew to Iraq for CNN to report on the medical aspect of the invasion of the country. During this time he performed emergency brain surgery on injured U.S. soldiers.

Sanjay Gupta Wife, Family, Daughters, Siblings, Net Worth
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In addition to his work for CNN, which includes the award-winning special reports on Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Haiti 2010 earthquake, Sanjay Gupta has contributed to broadcasts on the CBS network while still rising through the ranks to become Deputy Chief of Neurosurgery at Grady Memorial Hospital and Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Emory University School of Medicine.

Sanjay Gupta Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of around $4.5 million, Sanjay Gupta may not be the richest medical doctor in the world, but he certainly ranks high among his colleagues, even though he earned a large portion of his money through other means outside of medicine.

The neurosurgeon, who was awarded the honorary doctorate “Doctor of Humane Letters” by his alma mater in 2012 for his merits and achievements in medicine, can look back on a very successful career as a journalist, writer, and producer. His work at CNN has earned him several Emmy Awards, while he is also a best-selling author for the New York Times.

Family – Wife, Daughters

Sanjay Gupta is married to family law attorney Rebecca Olson Gupta. It is not clear when exactly the couple’s date began, but they entered into the bond of marriage in May 2004 at a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. Together with the two-meter two-centimeter lawyer and her two-meter eight-centimeter husband, who is one year older than her, have three daughters; the first is Sage Ayla, who was born in June 2005, then Sky Anjahi, who was born in January 2007, and finally Soleil Asha, who was born in 2009.

Sanjay Gupta Wife, Family, Daughters, Siblings, Net Worth
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Mrs. Gupta was born on November 30, 1968, in Novi, Michigan. She is said to have attended the same high school that Gupta attended, Novi High School, before enrolling in the University of Michigan. She graduated from the school in 1992 before earning her Juris Doctor degree from the University of South Carolina, Colombia.

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Sanjay Gupta has two siblings, Suneel and Yogesh, who both do exciting things in their different fields of activity. Suneel Gupta is co-founder and CEO of Rising, a healthcare company that reduces the cost of providing quality healthcare through the use of technology. He holds an MBA degree from Kellogg School of Management and a law degree from Northwestern Law School. He is married to Fortune magazine journalist Leena Rao.

In August 2018, Suneel Gupta applied for the House of Representatives through the Democratic Party from the 11th Congressional District of Michigan, but finished third in the primary, with former Obama administration official Haley Stevens winning the election.

Yogesh Gupta, on the other hand, holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and then a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin. He is currently the CEO of Kaseya, a provider of IT management software for MSPs and mid-sized companies.

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