Who Is Wentworth Miller’s Wife, Is He Gay, Who Are The Parents, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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Michael Scofield or Leonard Snart? Whoever Wentworth Miller is for you, there is no denying that you love him. Very few actors and actresses have the chance to play a role that will define a generation and make them stars in the memories of young adults. Wentworth Miller, however, is fortunate to play two iconic roles in modern television. Here are a few things that curious fans want to know about the handsome actor.

Who Is Wentworth Miller?

Wentworth Miller was born on June 2, 1972, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. However, he was born the son of American parents, Joy Marie Palm-Miller and Wentworth E. Miller II. He grew up in England for one year until his family moved to Brooklyn. Wentworth later attended Princeton University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

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Wentworth Miller’s introduction to the creative arts did not begin in Hollywood. In Princeton, he performed with the group Acappella, The Princeton Tigertones. In 1995, however, the young actor moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He made his first television appearance as Gage Petronzi in Joss Whedon’s cult television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a sea monster transformed by students.

Who Is Wentworth Miller’s Wife, Is He Gay, Who Are The Parents, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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He played Wentworth Miller’s first leading role in the mini-series Dinotopia on ABC in 2002. He played in several minor television roles before appearing in several films, most notably Underworld and The Human Stain, where he played the younger version of Anthony Hopkins’ character in the film.

In 2005, Miller’s big break came when he was cast as Michael Scofield in Prison Break, Fox’s television show. His performance on the show earned him a Golden Globe Award nomination for best actor in a drama series in 2005. Although the 2009 series ended after four seasons, a nine-part season was released on April 4, 2017, in which the actor resumed his role. Unfortunately, the return was not as successful as the first season.

Wentworth Miller continued to appear in films and television shows after Prison Break, including the commercially successful Resident Evil: Afterlife. In 2010 he ventured into scriptwriting and wrote the screenplay for the movie Stoker. The script was voted one of the top 10 unproduced Hollywood scripts in 2010. The film, which finally hit the cinemas in 2013, starred Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode and received positive reviews from the critics.

After playing an iconic role, Wentworth Miller was cast in another role in 2014 when he appeared as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold on the CW superhero television show The Flash. His portrayal of the villain who became an anti-hero was well received by fans and earned him a contract for recurring roles on various shows of The Arrowverse – the CW universe of DC shows.

In 2013, at a human rights campaign dinner in front of a crowd, the actor admitted that he had made several suicide attempts as a teenager. He is currently an ambassador for Active Minds.

Who Is Wentworth Miller’s Wife, Is He Gay, Who Are The Parents, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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Who Are Wentworth Miller Parents?

As mentioned above, Wentworth Miller is the son of Wentworth and Joy Marie Palm-Miller.

His father, Wentworth E. Miller II, is a lawyer and teacher. He was a Rhodes scholar in Oxford when Miller was born. The actor, who is often mistaken for a white man, revealed in 2003 that his father is in fact black. His father is African American of Jamaican, German, and English descent.

His mother, a special education teacher, is American of Russian, Swedish, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent. He has two sisters – Leigh and Gillian – who both keep a low profile and do not try to profit from their brother’s fame.

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Who Is Wentworth Miller Wife?

Wentworth Miller is one of the few actors who have managed to keep their private lives away from the media. However, we can confirm that the actor is currently unmarried and has no wife. Everything currently indicates that he is single and enjoys his single life.

Is He Gay? Boyfriend

Despite an initial reluctance to come out, Wentworth Miller came out later in August 2013 in a letter rejecting his invitation to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival because of the way the Russian government treats its gay citizens.

There are rumors that the actor is said to have gone out with some people, including Amie Bice and Luke Macfarlane, but none of these rumors were confirmed by the man himself.

Net Worth

As an actor who has acted in several commercially successful projects and is also a screenwriter, Wentworth Miller is estimated to be worth $44 million with an annual income of $8 million. The actor lives a relatively modest life and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.