David Coverdale Bio, Wife, Daughter, Age, Where Is He Now?

David Coverdale is a British-American musician, songwriter, and singer, known as a member of the hard rock band Whitesnake. The talented rock star was formerly associated with other popular band groups, including the rock band Deep Purple. Since the beginning of his music career, he has also worked with popular artists and released many songs. For his unparalleled contributions to rock music, Coverdale was honored with a star in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

David Coverdale Bio (Age)

The rock star was first born on September 22, 1951; he was born to British parents in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Riding of Yorkshire, England. Already in his childhood, he developed a passion for rock music, and when he was fourteen years old, the icon began his serious music career. There is not much information about his childhood and educational background. He belongs to the white ethnic group and has dual citizenship of British and American.

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In the early stages of his musical career, the talented musician began performing with a local band called Vintage 67 in 1966, and two years later he joined another group called The Government until 1972. When he left the band, he became a member of the rock band Fabulosa Brothers before joining Deep Purple, another rock band, in 1973.

David Coverdale – Bio, Wife, Daughter, Age, Where Is He Now?
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Professional Career

The singer saw an invitation from Deep Purple to audition in a magazine in 1973, he went to audition, and it was a successful audition. When he joined the group, Coverdale released his first music album with the band in 1974, entitled Burn. The album became a commercial success, reaching the top of British music chat that year. The album was followed by another hit called Stormbringer, which was awarded gold in the United Kingdom and the United States. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 1975 after the departure of some band members. Although David tried to keep the band together, the band became less successful after their 1975 song entitled Come Taste, The Band, and eventually broke up.

After the band broke up, Coverdale became a solo artist, and in 1977 he released his first solo album, White Snake. The song did not have much commercial success, but it inspired the name of their new group. After his second album entitled Northwinds in 1978, he formed the rock band Whitesnake in the same year.

The Whitesnake released their first studio album in 1978 called Trouble, which was followed by Lovehunter in 1978. David Coverdale and the band gained international recognition in 1983 when they began touring throughout Europe, Asia, and the UK. The group also released ten other albums, including Ready and Willing, Come and Get It, Saints & Sinners, Side It In, Whitesnake, Slipe of Tongue, Restless Heart, Good to Be Bad, Forevermore, and The Purple Album.

David Coverdale – Bio, Wife, Daughter, Age, Where Is He Now?
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Where Is David Coverdale Now?

The talented singer has been active in the American music industry for over three decades and has released several hit albums. Even before the 30th anniversary of their first song entitled Whitesnake in 2017, Coverdale announced that he would retire from the music industry after that date. However, the singer seems to have disappeared from the spotlight since his Great Hits tour in 2016. Although there is not much to hear from him and his crew, their songs are still strongly represented in the top music charts. He lives in Lake Tahoe, Nevada in the United States.

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David Coverdale’s Wife And Daughter

If there is one thing that is as popular as Coverdale’s music career, it should be his love life. The rock star has been in several relationships; he has also been married three times and divorced twice. His first marriage was with a German lady and his longtime lover Julia Borkowski. The couple entered into a marriage in 1974 and welcomed their daughter, whom they named Jessica Coverdale in 1978. The couple went separate ways shortly after the birth of their daughter.

His next marriage was with an American actress and comedian named Tawny Kitaen. They married in February 1989, and barely two years after their marriage their relationship broke up, which ended in divorce in 1991. While Coverdale was married, he maintained a secret relationship with Gabrielle Jamae from 1974 to 1982. He also had an affair with a lady named Elaine Starchuk.

Five years after his divorce from Kitaen, Coverdale found love again. This time with a writer named Cindy Coverdale. The two had a brief relationship and in 1997 they entered into marriage. Before their marriage, the amazing couple welcomed a son named Jasper Coverdale in 1996. David and Cindy have lived happily together for over two decades and there is no sign of marital problems or separation between them.

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