Francesca Capaldi Biography, Age, Height, Facts and Family Life

There are many stars that we have known since childhood, be it as actors, singers, and other things. The same goes for the story of Francesca Capaldi. The young star became famous through her role in Disney’s Dog with a blog. Now she gets her fair share of fame, here are things you should know about the child actress.

Francesca Capaldi’s Biography Age

As Francesca Angelucci Capaldi the actress was born on June 8, 2004, in La Jolla, San Diego, California. She is of British and Italian descent and grew up in California.

Although the school she attends is not known, she is said to have had a childhood that is not unusual as she attends a local school in her home state of California.

As one of those children born to the stars, her parents began early on to prepare her to reach for the sky by signing her up with a talent agency when she was a toddler. This happened after they were contacted by an agent of Jet Set Models after they saw her hair.

Francesca Capaldi Biography, Age, Height, Facts and Family Life
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With an eye on her acting career, which has put her in the spotlight, Francesca Capaldi began acting before the age of ten when she got a role in the series ANT Farm as well as in the hit comedy How I Met Your Mother. Although she was only allowed to play very small roles, they were nevertheless important for the beginning of the career of the then only 7 years old star.

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Only one year later she became part of one of her greatest works, which was still to play a leading role in The Dog with the Blog. The series was to run from that point on until 2015 when it came to an unexpected end only 3 years after a good start. After that, she starred in an episode of Jessie, in which she played the role of Madeline.

While she became famous with the series, she also starred in several movies such as the 3 Day Test (2012), The Dog Who Saved Summer (2015), The Peanuts Movie (2015), and Max 2: White House Hero (2017).

For ANT FARM, Francesca Capaldi was nominated at the Young Artist Awards for the best performance in a TV series – in the guest role of the young actress under ten.

Family Life of Francesca Capaldi

Capaldi comes from a very small family that has only herself, her father Anthony Capaldi, and her mother Gina Capaldi. Her father is a salesman, while her mother used to work as a pharmaceutical rep. This means that she did not grow up in a family that is into show business.

She has no brother or sister. Her grandparents, Benito F. Capaldi and Rosina Giusti are from Italy. Her maternal grandfather is also Italian.

Francesca Capaldi Biography, Age, Height, Facts and Family Life
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Height and Weight

The young and pretty Francesca Capaldi is still growing. She is currently 4 feet (1.41 m) tall and weighs 35 kg (77 pounds). She has dark brown eyes and her hair is red.

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Facts about Francesca Capaldi

  • The bitch with a blog star now lives with her family in Carlsbad, California.
  • The actress has a huge number of followers on social media sites like Instagram, where she has nearly 3 million followers, Twitter, where she has nearly 150,000 followers, and Facebook, where she has collected up to 120,000 likes.
  • Although many of us would know her as an actress, she actually started out as a children’s model who appeared in numerous TV commercials.
  • An appearance in Mott’s apple juice commercial was one of her earliest roles in TV commercials. She appeared alongside the popular actress Marcia Cross, who also has red hair. Capaldi played the leading role as the actress’s daughter.
  • When she was only one year and one month old, she had an appearance on Sesame Street. This was to become her first job.
  • She became a victim of bullying in social media, where people attack her for no reason, just like there are others who pretend to be her.
  • Like many other actresses, Francesca is very busy and she sometimes travels a long way when she has some engagements to do.

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