Home Models India Love Westbrooks Biography, Age, Height And Other Interesting Facts

India Love Westbrooks Biography, Age, Height And Other Interesting Facts

India Love Westbrooks Biography, Age, Height And Other Interesting Facts
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The famous television personality, entrepreneur, model, and social media personality India Love Westbrooks, whose first contact with fame was through her Tumblr blogging, is actually a part of the Westbrook sister dynasty known for the reality series The Westbrooks.

After she launched her first Tumblr in 2011, India Love Westbrooks also began blogging on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which has proven to be the most popular with an amazing fan base of 3.6 million. As a model, she promoted clothes and shoes to her online fans.

Because of her resemblance to Kim Kardashian, many are beginning to spotlight her as the next Kim Kardashian, but only time will tell what the future holds for the young social media sensation.

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India Love Westbrooks Bio

The popular social media personality model cum model was born on February 3, 1996, in Compton, California. She is an American national but has a mixed ethnicity of Creole, Black, Spanish and Asian. India Love Westbrooks is the daughter of Candy Westbrooks and Warren Westbrooks, who work in various companies. She grew up with six siblings, two brothers; Blake and Pop, and four sisters; Crystal, Brooke, Bree, and Morgan. The Westbrooks sisters are famous for the popular reality series The Westbrooks.

India Love Westbrooks Biography, Age, Height And Other Interesting Facts
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How Tall Is India Love Westbrooks? Height

The famous model has distinctive physical characteristics with a voluptuous physique, standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, which is about 160 cm. India Love Westbrooks has a bodyweight of 56 kg or 124 pounds, she also has a height of 37 inches chest, 25 inches waist, and 37 inches hip-width. She wears a bra size of 32DD, a dress size of 8, and a shoe size of 7.

Other Interesting Facts About The TV Personality

Net Worth

Some sources have put the net worth of India Love Westbrooks at 1.3 million, and according to her, most of her income comes from her Instagram page, where she charges up to $200 to include a company link in her Insta biography, while she charges up to $700 for a full ad.

Social Media Profile

Given the line of her career, India Westbrooks is very present in social media. She is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her Instagram page, which is the most popular, has 3.6 million followers. She has over 353k followers on Twitter and about 58k followers on Facebook. India Love Westbrooks’ Tumblr account, which she used in her early days in social media, has been hacked a few times but has remained active.

India Love Westbrooks Biography, Age, Height And Other Interesting Facts
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Relationships, Lovelife

The story of the social media personality’s love life is somewhat complicated; from May 2011 to September 2013, she was with Ron Robinson, a popular American footballer. The embers of the fire of her first relationship did not die down until she met the famous American rapper Soulja Boy in September 2013. Their relationship, which lasted two years, ended in September 2015.

In addition, India Love Westbrooks was briefly involved with another American footballer, Brandon Wimberly, for six months in 2014, after which she began dating the famous rapper The Game. Her new relationship received a lot of publicity in June 2014, but after a while, it also broke up. The Internet sensation was also associated with J’Leon Love, Justin Combs, Lou1etay, Rick Ross, and Cliff Dixon, but there is no record of children from any of these relationships.

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Rumors & Controversy About India Love Westbrooks

There was a rumor that India Love Westbrooks had fought with her older sister Crystal Westbrooks over the Canadian singer Drake. According to the rumor mill, Crystal began a love affair with Drake, who happened to be her sister’s ex-boyfriend, and as a result, the sisters fought with each other. Their riot, which included a series of attacks and counter-attacks via social media, attracted a lot of public attention, and it was very clear that India Love Westbrooks would not fold her hands and watch her own sister go out with a guy she had dated in the past.

Another controversy in India had to do with her nude photos that were leaked online. She also had controversy over her form. India Love Westbrooks, who has a voluptuous physique comparable to that of Kim Kardashian, has sparked a heated debate about the possibility that India has achieved her enviable body shape through plastic surgery.

It is normal for a person who has achieved fame to give rise to many rumors, but one thing is certain: if it is true that he has enlisted the help of plastic surgery to achieve this amazing body shape, this will soon come to light.