Jenna Vulcano Bio, Ex-Husband James Murray, Family Life And Other Facts

Jenna Vulcano is an American actress and comedienne actress who is best known for her performances in the comedy series “Impractical Jokers”. Fans of the reality series would have seen her in several episodes. Apparently, she is a good actress, who excelled in so few appearances.

If you wanted to know more about the entertainer, here is your treat! Besides her love- and family life we also have her biography and other interesting facts about her.

Jenna Vulcano Bio

Jenna Vulcano was born on 4 August 1986 in New York, United States of America. Her parents, Dianne Fernandez-Vulcano and Sal Vulcano Sr. are in a very loving relationship, and she takes every opportunity to show pictures and videos of them through various social media platforms.

Jenna Vulcano Bio, Ex-Husband James Murray, Family Life And Other Facts

The beautiful actress and social media personality described her father as her best friend in an international Father’s Day call on Instagram. She proclaimed the man as her king and expressed that she was lucky to have him in her life. In her opinion, her father loves her unconditionally and has always been there when she needed him.

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Jenna Vulcano Family Life

Jenna grew up in Staten Island, New York, alongside her brother and sister. Very little is known about her sister, Dana Vulcano, apart from the fact that she is married and has children. Her brother, Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano, was born in 1976. Sal is also a comedian, actor, and producer. Together with three friends, James Murray, Joe Gatto, and Brian Quinn, he founded Impractical Jokers in 2011. The actor-comedian has also written and published a book called Impractical Jokers. He did this with his three friends in 2014.

Jenna has tried her hand at several jobs such as receptionist and coordinator. Her current job seems to be as a medical receptionist in Staten Island, New York. She came into the spotlight through her brother’s television series. Her few appearances stole the hearts of many and earned her an admiration that can be compared to the admiration of entertainers who have been in the business for many years. Her first performance was in Strip High Five. As she proved to be a very interesting actress and funny comedienne, her fans are eagerly awaiting further works by her.

Jenna Vulkano’s current net worth is not certain, but after what she has done with Impractical Jokers, some sources estimate her net worth at an estimated $100,000. Since she is quite popular in social media, which has become a major source of income for many people, her net worth is likely to increase in the near future. We can only keep our hands folded with Jenna.

Her Relationship With Ex-Husband James Murray

Jenna Vulcano Bio, Ex-Husband James Murray, Family Life And Other Facts
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Jenna Vulcano married James Murano, also known as Murr, in 2014. This happened after they had been dating for a while. Interestingly, they divorced the day after. Murr announced their divorce with a strange tweet that read:

“Oh, two more things. Yeah, I married Sal’s sister legally, no kidding. And yes, we annulled the marriage… after the honeymoon night! Revenge rocks.”

James is a friend of Sal and Co-Prankster at Impractical Jokers. At the beginning of season 3, Sal punished Murr for a loss by letting him jump out of a plane. He also had him tattoo a tattoo of a skydiving ferret. Murr claimed that the marriage and quick divorce were done to get back at Sal. This seems very absurd revenge, considering that this was known before.

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Was this marriage real or just part of the show? Where exactly is Jenna involved in this friendly “feud”? What did she get out of being married for just one day; a 24-hour marriage with her brother’s friend and colleague? Was the “joke” marriage consummated? Well, we can only wonder, because Jenna, Sal, and Murr have not given any details and seem to disagree with some of them.

After their 24-hour marriage to James Murray in 2014, we have heard practically nothing about their private life. Jenna seems to have disappeared from the dating radar or become very secretive in the dating game. There is hardly any solid information about who she is dating or who she has been dating.

Other Facts about Jenna Vulcano

Birth Sign: Leo

Birthday:  4, 1986

Ethnicity: White

Hometown: Staten Island, New York.

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