Jennifer McDaniel Age, Height, Relationship With Hulk Hogan
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The story of Jennifer McDaniel is a perfect case study of when a person marries the right family. She led a large public, undocumented life until she married one of the richest wrestlers to ever grace television screens across the country – Hulk Hogan.

McDaniel is a make-up artist, but today she is much more than that as her public profile continues to grow.

Jennifer McDaniel Biography, Age

Jennifer McDaniel was born on 13 May 1974. Other than her date of birth, there is no online available source, documented or otherwise, that provides information about Jennifer’s life prior to her intimacy with her wrestling husband. Also, her family information: parents, siblings, birthplace, education, et cetera, remain a mystery.

Jennifer’s husband, the Hulk, was married before Jennifer. Hulk was previously married to a woman named Linda Claridge. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, married Linda in 1983 and had two children. The first, a daughter, Brooke Hogan, was born in 1988, and a son, Nick Hogan, followed in 1990. The marriage developed well and Hogan even started a reality television series called “Hogan knows best” in which he describes his life and that of his family in detail.

Jennifer McDaniel Age, Height, Relationship With Hulk Hogan
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However, the marriage began to falter when allegations were made that Hogan was sleeping with others. A woman named Christiane Plante claimed in an interview with the National Enquirer in 2007 that the wrestler had had an affair with her. This led the marriage down a torrid path until Linda finally filed for divorce in November of the same year. She cited her husband’s infidelity as the reason for her request for an annulment.

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Hulk, who denied the allegations of infidelity, suffered extensive extinction during the divorce settlements. He was only able to keep about 30 percent of the couple’s liquid assets, worth about $10 million. He even considered committing suicide, but later recovered with the help of a friend, Laila Ali, and his newfound love for Jennifer McDaniel.

Jennifer McDaniel’s Relationship With Hulk Hogan

Jennifer was already in a relationship with the wrestling icon in early 2008, long before his divorce with Linda Claridge was finalized.

Jennifer’s relationship with the wrestling icon has been under serious backlash since its inception. For one thing, many people thought it was inappropriate for her to be with a man who was still in the middle of divorce proceedings. Others thought she was a gold-digger who was only after Hogan’s influence and money. Others simply believed that the connection was not appropriate given the age difference of 18 years between the two of them. But the two stuck together and did not let the people and the media get them down.

After the divorce was finalized, Jennifer and Hogan became engaged in November 2009 and entered into a marriage on December 14, 2010. The intimate ceremony took place in Clearwater, Florida, in the backyard of Hogan’s house, with only friends and family present.

Jennifer McDaniel Age, Height, Relationship With Hulk Hogan
Image source

Through this union, Jennifer not only received a husband; she inherited an entire family, complete with two stepchildren – Brooke and Nick. The children, who apparently do not hold any grudge against Jennifer, were also present at the wedding ceremony. Hogan’s intimate wedding went off as the paparazzi tried to get a picture of Jennifer and her husband. One of Hogan’s bodyguards intervened and tried to stop them, which quickly degenerated into a fight. Eventually, the police had to be called, although no one was arrested.

If there is one thing that is clear about Jennifer and her husband, it is that they are both fitness freaks. Maybe this is one of the reasons why they formed a relationship in 2008. Hogan, who was a professional wrestler at the time, had to keep his body fit, and McDaniel was with him almost all the time. The couple was spotted on numerous occasions on their way to the gym.

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In 2012, a sex tape was leaked involving Hogan and a woman named Heather Clem. This triggered a chain of events with rumors, media speculation, lawsuits, and everything in between. Jennifer, however, went in the opposite direction of what Hogan’s ex-wife did. She stayed with him and supported him throughout the debacle. Despite the enormous age difference between the two, Jennifer stuck to Hogan like glue and supported him through thick and thin. She even has a tattoo of his birth name “Terry” on her left wrist.

The couple lives in Tampa, Florida, and Beverly Hills, California. They are sociable animals and are often seen together while shopping or at parties etc.

Jennifer McDaniel’s Height and Body Measurements

Jennifer’s height is not as intimidating as her husband’s, but she definitely stands upright. She stands 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) off the ground and has a healthy body weight of about 62 kg. Nothing else is known about her body measurements.