Kevin Schlehuber Wife, Family, Kids, Father, Bio, Other Facts
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Kevin Schlehuber may not be a well-known name, but he was a houseguest on the popular US reality show Big Brother. He took part in the show’s nineteenth season and brought a handsome crowd home to his family. Kevin is a man with a great sense of humor and can be very witty.

While he was on the Big Brother US show, Kevin was known and loved by most of his roommates for his friendly nature. He was very active in the show and helped one of his friends, Paul Abrahamian, who was about to be evicted, get back into the game. Although his friendship with Paul began on good terms in the early stages of the competition, a small misunderstanding between the two led to a breakdown in their friendship. This later cost Kevin his integrity and respect at home. As a result, the Big Brother show, characterized by its inevitable twists and turns, became an unhappy experience for Kevin Schlehuber. His roommates lost their trust in him and this led to a loss of his position.

Kevin Schlehuber Bio

Kevin Schlehuber was born on 7 August 1961 and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In his early years as a young American, he won the highly coveted Mr. Massachusetts in 1986.

Kevin Schlehuber Wife, Family, Kids, Father, Bio, Other Facts
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Kevin currently lives in the city of Bridgewater and has no serious job. His profession is currently a househusband and father. He can best be described as a father who is very caring and has a fun personality.

Schlehuber never makes a secret of the fact that he enjoys the company of his family and likes to take them to the beach regularly to do sports and play. A special game that interests him is billiards, and sometimes he threw darts with his children when they were young.

He has six daughters and one son, who is the last child. It is remarkable that Kevin’s parents also had seven children.

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Kevin Schlehuber Family: Father, Wife, Kids

Kevin is from Mission Hill, a small town in Boston, Massachusetts. His father is Andrew F. Schlehuber Jr., who is well known in the USA for his activities as a drug dealer. As in his own family, Kevin has six siblings whose identity is not yet known to the public.

Kevin is married to Deborah Schlehuber. The couple has been married for over 31 years and lives happily together with their seven children. Deborah is a neonatal nurse who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the family breadwinner because she earns a huge amount of money, enough to meet all of her family’s needs.

During the Big Brother US show, the nineteenth season in which her husband participated, a roommate named Jason Dent made a disturbing joke about rape. The contestant had joked that Kevin would go home and rape Deborah in front of all his six daughters if he won the Big Brother contest.

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Although this unique act of misguided behavior by Dent made her popular, Deborah was upset and she spread her anger through the daily media. She made it clear that it was her husband alone who had signed up for the show, and that anything that had to do with the show – good or bad – could not be associated with her and her daughters.

Deborah Schlehuber earns an annual salary of $200,000, an amount sufficient to provide for her large family. It is also because of her enormous salary that Kevin Schlehuber is a comfortable housefather.

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 Other Facts You Need To Know

  • Kevin is the oldest player in the nineteenth season of Big Brother and the first to admit that he cannot win the challenges of the head of household or veto.
  • Kevin is not new to competitions like Big Brother. He has participated in several competitions and won several prizes and awards, such as Mr. Massachussetts in 1986 and the “Hunk Contest” on the Geraldo show. He even won a dunk champion for Boston in 1981.
  • When Kevin entered the Big Brother contests, his six daughters and his son were his biggest fans.
  • He enjoys hanging out with his family, watching movies, going to the beach, doing sports, and playing games with his kids.