Narvel Blackstock Children, Dating, Girlfriend, Divorce, Age, Wiki
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Narvel Blackstock is an American professional guitar player, music manager, and television producer. He has managed several well-known singers, including Kelly Clarkson and his ex-wife Reba McEntire. Blackstock began performing with the local band at a very tender age and later played country music and also became co-owner of Starstruck Entertainment.

The talented guitarist was married twice and also divorced twice. He has four children and many grandchildren.

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Narvel Blackstock Brief Bio (Age)

Narvel Wayne Blackstock was born on 31 August 1956 in Tarrant County, Texas in the United States. Ever since his childhood, Narvel has always developed an interest in sounds and music since he joined local bands where he played as a steel guitarist. There isn’t much information about Blackstock’s family, and he too has chosen to hide it.

Narvel Blackstock Children, Dating, Girlfriend, Divorce, Age, Wiki
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Narvel formed band groups with his friends and continued to play steel guitar until he turned pro. He only gained fame as a guitarist when he ventured completely into the music and entertainment business. He came into the spotlight after meeting the iconic country singer Reba McEntire. Blackstock became Reba’s manager, and later both started their own talent management company called Starstruck Entertainment. Their company managed both the singer Reba and other well-known singers like Blake Shelton.

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Narvel also managed other music albums such as Forever Love 1998, Secret of Giving, which was released in 1999, Reba: Video Gold II in 2006, Malibu Country, which was released in 2012, and Not So Family Christmas also in the same year.

Currently, Blackstock is still the manager of the music talent management company Starstruck and currently manages Kelly Clarkson and Linda Davis as well as many other artists.

Personal Life: Married, Divorced, Children

As for his private life, the amazing guitarist has had several relationships, including two marriages that ended in divorce. He is a very caring and romantic person, the type of man where women don’t want to leave their side forever. Narvel first went out with Elisa Gayle Ritter, and the duo later married on March 30, 1973, but their marriage lasted about fifteen years before they went through the years of separation. They were blessed with three children – Brandon, Shawna Rene, and Hasidy Celeste Blackstock. Elisa and Narvel went their separate ways in 1988.

Before their divorce, Narvel met the singer Reba in 1980, and after his separation from Elisa, he took his relationship with the singer to the next level. The power couple married in 1989 in a private ceremony that took place on a boat in Lake Tahoe. They have a son named Shelby McEntire Blackstock, Reba also became the mother of Narvel’s three children from his previous marriage.

But after twenty-six years of marriage, just like his first marriage, Narvel stopped seeing Reba after having a wonderful marital relationship with Reba. The couple announced their separation in early 2005, the divorce was later finalized on October 28 of the same year, and the couple went their separate ways.

Narvel Blackstock Children, Dating, Girlfriend, Divorce, Age, Wiki
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In addition to his four children, Narvel Blackstock has five grandchildren from his first wife’s son. His grandchildren include -Seth Blackstock, River Rose Blackstock, Savannah Blackstock, and Remington Alexander Blackstock.

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Who Is He Dating? Girlfriend

Narvel has never been alone; if he is not married, he will certainly be in a relationship. A few weeks after his separation from Reba McEntire, Narvel began a new relationship with his ex-wife’s close friend, Laura Putty Stroud, who is a real estate agent. The couple was reportedly in a serious relationship that led to their marriage in 2016. To this day, the couple is still together and not yet married, but there is a strong possibility that they will soon be walking down the aisle.

Quick Facts about  Narvel Blackstock

Birth name: Narvel Wayne Blackstock

Date of birth: August 31, 1956

Birth City: Tarrant County, Texas, United States

Birth sign: Virgo

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Education: N/A

Profession: Television Producer, Guitar Player, Music Manager

Height: 6 feet (1.83 m)

Marital Status: Divorced

Spouse (s): Elisa Ritter G. (m. 1973 – 1988), Reba McEntire (m. 1989 – 2015)

Children: 4 (Brandon, Shawna Rene, Shelby, and Chassidy Celeste Blackstock)

Grandchildren: 5 (Seth Blackstock, River Rose Blackstock, Savannah Blackstock, and Remington Alexander Blackstock)

Net Worth: $5 million.