Nicholas Sparks Bio, Married, Wife, Divorce, Children, Net Worth

The 21st century has seen a whole range of writers who have inspired the world with their creative spirit and ideas about life and other issues concerning the human race. While it is true that the older generation boasts a number of talented writers, the younger generation, which includes Nicholas Sparks, has also produced great writers who have changed lives through their work.

Sparks is an amazing writer with several internationally bestselling novels focusing mainly on the romantic period. The phenomenal author also writes screenplays. Many of Nicholas’ novels are New York Times bestsellers, while some have been made into films by film producers.

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Nicholas Sparks Biography

In addition to writing, Nicholas Sparks is a film producer best known as the executive producer of the 2014 American Civil War western “Deliverance Creek”. Sparks is the second child of optician assistant and housewife Jill Emma Marie Sparks (mother) and Patrick Michael Sparks (father). The writer’s mother gave birth to him in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States, and his date of birth is December 31, 1965.

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As he grew up, Nicholas spent his formative years in many cities with his family, as his father was a college graduate. He is said to have lived in places in the United States such as California (Playa Del Rey, Inglewood), Minnesota, and Watertown. He also spent a year on Grand Island, Nebraska, which is also his mother’s hometown. During his stay in the city, Patrick, who later became a Professor of Economics at the University of Southern California and the University of Minnesota after graduating, separated from Jill.

The writer, whose full name is Nicholas Charles Sparks, has an older brother named Michael Earl Sparks and a younger sister (born 1966) who died of a brain tumor in 2000. Her name is Danielle Sparks. The siblings were all raised in the Roman Catholic faith, while their ethnicity is a unique blend of Irish, Czech, English, and German.

Nicholas received his high school education while living in Fair Oaks, California, where his family settled after his father became a professor at California State University, Sacramento in 1974. The writer completed his high school education at Bella Vista High School in 1984 and later came to the University of Notre Dame with a full athletic scholarship. Although Sparks was accepted into the institution as an economics student, he decided to give his writing ambitions much-needed attention in his early college years and has never let up since. He later left Notre Dame with distinction.

Sparks began his literary career professionally in 1985 with the novel “The Passing” while studying at the University of Notre Dame. His groundbreaking novel entitled “The Notebook” was written in 1993 while selling pharmaceuticals in Washington D.C. About eleven of his works are bestsellers, others have been filmed.

Net Worth

Sparks is not a bestselling author for nothing; he is an old hand in the business and also has some of the most exciting romance novels in the world. Writing and producing films, the Omaha-born, accomplished writer has earned an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Married, Wife, and Divorce

Nicholas Sparks – Bio, Married, Wife, Divorce, Children, Net Worth
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Until 2014, Nicholas Sparks was happily married to Cathy Cote, a New Hampshire native, in New England. The couple first met when Sparks was on spring break in college in 1988 and finally exchanged vows on July 22, 1989, in the presence of their families and friends. Not long after, the couple moved to New Bern, North Carolina, where they started a family and lived until their divorce, which was announced on January 6, 2015.

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Since Nicholas and Cote went their separate ways, not much has been heard about how they conduct themselves fairly. Nevertheless, they have remained amazing parents to their children. The bestselling author’s ex-wife is a former account manager for a credit company and the woman who inspired many of Nicholas’s best romance novels.

Nicholas Sparks’ Children

Nicholas Sparks is the father of five lovely children – twin daughters Lexie Danielle Sparks and Savannah Marin Sparks and sons Ryan Cote Sparks, Miles Andrew Sparks, and Landon Sparks. Currently, information about what his children are up to and where exactly they are because their parents are divorced is not publicly available.

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