Susan Coffey Bio – 5 Things You Need To Know About Her

After appearing on an 8-page issue of the December issue of Maxim en Española and on the cover of Maxim en Española in August 2012, many people wanted to know who the redheaded girl is. Well, even Susan Coffey herself was surprised at the popularity the shooting brought her, she said it was unexpected.

Although not so much information about her is available online, you can find her biography and five facts about her that you will find interesting.

Susan Coffey Bio

Although the information about her resume is quite scarce, here are the few we could collect. Susan Coffey was born on February 13, 1990, in Metuchen, New Jersey.

She is obviously American and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Susan attended Metuchen High School. After high school, she continued her education at Rutgers University, where she studied communication with a minor in psychology. According to her, she chose this combination because of its versatility.

Susan Coffey Bio – 5 Things You Need To Know About Her
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5 Things You Need To Know About Susan Coffey

She Has Worked Part Time For Victoria’s Secret

In addition to her performances at Maxim en Española and Auxiliary Magazine, Susan Coffey has also worked part-time for Victoria’s Secret and has done some model shoots for Sheets Lingerie, Heretic City, and Dirty Addiction.

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If Susan Wasn’t A Model, She Would Have Been A Rock Star

Yes, you heard right, if Sussy could make another career choice besides modeling, it would definitely have to be music, and the genre would be nothing but rock.

But she clearly admits that she would have done badly as a musician because she doesn’t have that kind of talent. So she just has to stick with being a model, as she is quite happy with her life as a model.

Although she would have liked to start modeling earlier if she had the chance, she adds that she doesn’t regret it. Her favorite rock artists are Ben Folds, Emily Haines, and Kevin Devine.

Susan Coffey Is An Introvert

Not a gracious move for an aspiring model, let alone one who considers herself an expert in this field, is it? Well, we know these things almost always happen.

Popular celebrities want to keep their private lives completely away from the media, while some achieve this, for others, it is almost impossible.

The fact that Sussy is introverted perhaps explains perfectly why there is not much about her online. Apart from being introverted, she said in a YouTube interview that she is quite shy and quiet and that if you ever meet her, she is just quiet and loves to be very private.

Susan Is Not Yet A Super Model

Although she has appeared in two different issues of Maxim en Española and the August/September 2010 issue of Auxiliary Magazine, Susan has not yet made the big breakthrough to be considered a supermodel.

Susan Coffey Bio – 5 Things You Need To Know About Her
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She introduced herself as a professional model whose books paid shootings and looks for print work. She adds that at some point she would work for free if you just asked her, otherwise she would charge reasonable prices. Susan is still available for small jobs, we hope that she will have a big success very soon.

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She Is An Animal Lover And Loves Traveling

If you flip through Susan’s Facebook and Twitter pages, you will notice two things almost immediately: her love of beautiful places and animals. In one of her Twitter posts of January 6, 2018, she twittered: “I miss my travels so much, I can’t believe I’ve been back 5 months already”.

Her love for animals might be the reason why she decided to go vegetarian. Asked how she turned out to be a vegetarian, Sussy explained that she only tried it because she thought it was just cool to go on vegetables and it became a habit she hadn’t been able to escape for four years.

When Susan Coffey is not on location as a model or photographer, she lives in New Jersey. She is active in social media and can be liked and followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She also has an official YouTube channel where she uploads videos.

Quick Facts About Susan Coffey

Full Name: Susan Coffey
Date of Birth: February 13, 1990
Place of Birth: Metuchen, New Jersey
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Education: Rutgers University
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 110 Ib
Body Measurements: 32C-25-35
Hair Color: Red (dyed)
Eye Color: Green

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