Susan Crow Bio, Personal Life, Facts About Tony Bennett’s Wife

The common saying “age is just a number”, and it doesn’t count when love is involved, is very clearly demonstrated in the love affair between legendary American singer Tony Bennett and his wife Susan Crow, whose age difference is up to four decades. The connection between the two is something we simply have to admire. We’ve seen many articles about Tony Bennett online and in tabloids, but today this article doesn’t focus on him, instead, we take a brief look at his third wife, Susan Crow.

Crow is perhaps best known as the wife of the legendary singer, but those familiar with charity work and philanthropy have certainly heard that her name has appeared once or twice at various charity and fundraising events.

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Susan Crow – Biography

Susan Crow is an American born on September 9, 1966, in San Francisco, California. She was born the daughter of Daryl Crow and Marion Crow. She attended Fordham University and also studied at the Teacher’s College of Columbia University. Early in her college years, Crow completed her internship program in the White House Presidential Advance Office.

Susan Crow – Bio, Personal Life, Facts About Tony Bennett’s Wife
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After the internship, Susan Crow began her career as a social studies teacher at a public school. She was later promoted to assistant principal. Currently, she is a social activist who is more concerned with the welfare of children.

In 1999, she co-founded the arts education charity Exploring The Arts. The Arts Education Charity is a non-profit institute that helps public school students learn more about the arts so that they can become experts in the field. Together with her husband, she founded the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Bennett’s hometown. In 2010 the ASCAP Foundation honored the couple for their charitable work. They were also honored by George Washington University with a medal symbolizing their commitment to arts education. In total, Crow and her husband have founded no less than 17 art education schools throughout the United States, most of them in New York and Los Angeles.

Her Personal Life

We often see how people who are married to well-known public figures try to keep their private lives private and in front of the prying eyes of the media. Susan Crow is no exception; she tries to keep her private life under the radar as much as possible. But no matter how hard she tries to keep it secret, she simply cannot hide the fact that she is married to one of the most famous singers in the world, Tony Bennett.

Susan Crow – Bio, Personal Life, Facts About Tony Bennett’s Wife
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Facts About Tony Bennett’s Wife

Susan Crow Is The Singer’s Third Wife

Tony Bennett went through two divorces before marrying Susan Crow. His first wife was Patricia Beech, whom he married in 1952, about 14 years before Crow was born. After 19 years of marriage, Bennet and Beech ended the marriage by divorce. In the same year he divorced Patricia Beech, he married the actress Sandra Grant as his second wife. The marriage lasted 39 years, but they spent most of the 39 years apart. In 2007 he divorced the actress and married Susan Crow the same year.

How Susan Crow and Tony Bennett Met

Susan officially met Bennet at one of his music concerts, although the music legend had posed for a photo with Crow’s parents many years earlier. When Bennett appeared at a show in San Francisco in 1985 in the presence of Crow, Crow asked for a meeting and a backstage greeting that Bennett agreed to. He then asked her to be his date for the evening and she agreed in return, and from then on they went out together. After being together for over two decades, they finally married in June 2007.

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Her Husband’s Career

The iconic singer does not need to be introduced too much, as he is very famous. Bennett’s style of music belongs to the traditional pop standards: show tunes, jazz, and big band. The 92-year-old singer was born in New York on August 3, 1926. He has been a singer since 1945.

Their Children

Susan Crow has been married to Tony Bennett for twelve years, but the couple has no children of their own yet. Crow’s husband, however, has four children from his two previous marriages, two each from his ex-wives. One of his children is Antonia Bennett, an American singer like him. His other children are Dae, Danny, and Joanna.

Susan Crow’s Net Worth

Susan Crow undoubtedly enjoys the gigantic wealth that her husband has accumulated during his 74-year active music career. Susan’s net worth is still under review, but her husband is estimated at around $200 million. The couple lives in a house with 27.5 million dollars.

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