Tori Hughes Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity and Other Facts You Need To Know

Tori Hughes is a Dallas-born actress, model, DJ, and Instagram celebrity. She became known for the sexy content she publishes on her Instagram account, which currently has over 2.9 million followers. This was the start of her modeling career. She was involved in some controversy, but that’s all there is to hear. For more juicy details on this perfect creation, read on…

Tori Hughes Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Tori Hughes is also known as Tori Brixx, which is the name she uses for her official Instagram account. The American model was born in Dallas, Texas. Her date of birth is August 16, 1990, although the above-mentioned year of birth “1990” is controversial, as some claim that this is not the correct year Tori Hughes was born, as she supposedly looks so much older. Nevertheless, she still celebrates her birthday every year on August 16th, and her sun sign is Leo.

The family life of Tori Hughes is not public knowledge as the model is very discreet about her private life. It is not mentioned that she has siblings or relatives, but we know that Tori comes from an upper-middle-class family. She is a very active lady and was very popular in high school. After high school, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling and entertainment. Tori has always been inspired by Draya Michelle as she (Tori Hughes) strives to be like her.

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Since nothing is known about Tori’s family, it is difficult to understand her background in clear details. Since she has treated her family affairs discreetly, her background and family history also remains a mystery. Some tabloids have said that she has several races, but her skin color indicates that she is of African-American descent and was born in the United States, Tori Hughes has American citizenship.


After moving to Los Angeles Tori Hughes started her modeling career. She had a photo session at Facet Studios, where she presented her curves and sexy shape, which she published on her Instagram page, and soon the sultry photos began to have an impact with major fashion brands who called on her to work with them. To date, she has worked with many prestigious brands, including The Maxim, Fashion Nova, 88 Fin (the Blac Chyna fashion line), Good American Denim (the Khloe Kardashian jeans line).

Tori Hughes Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity and Other Facts You Need To Know
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Tori has been criticized for causing too much attention in her modeling outfits, which has almost become a trademark, but thanks to the social media platform Instagram, which serves as a window to showcase her “femininity” as best she can, Tori has shown no signs of slowing down. And despite the disapproval, many fans love what they see, which can be seen in the number of followers she has attracted to her Instagram account.

Apart from modeling, Tori Hughes is also an aspiring actress. She played the lead role in the 2014 movie “Betrayed” in which she appeared as “Tori”. She also starred in season 7 of Nick Canon’s television series Wild ‘N’ Out. She has a lipstick line and is currently represented by Amber Rose’s new management company, MUVA Management.

Relationships – Is Tori Hughes Gay?

Tori Hughes’ sexuality is not exactly heterosexual, as it is known that she has had romantic relationships with both sexes. When images of the two lovers flooded the Internet, images that showed how the couple loved each other and felt public affection for each other, questions about the status of their relationship began to arise. The couple remained silent, however, while their fans continued to question the situation and gave their favorite interpretations of the unfolding romance.

However, the rapper later confirmed their affair in an interview with Hot 97 after the question was asked. When Tori Hughes, Young M.A., was asked about the status of her relationship with the dime piece model, she affirmed the question, put an end to speculation, and confirmed that it was indeed an affair.

The rapper said Tori was one of her followers on Instagram, so she uploaded a video of herself rapping her (Young M.A.) “OOOUUUU” song. She thought Tori was beautiful so she followed back. She said she didn’t know Tori at that time but they were introduced later by a mutual friend and things were taken over from there.

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Who Is She Dating Now?

Tori Hughes has since moved on from her gay lover, Young M.A. The discreet way she started the relationship seems to be the same as it ended, as she is now dating American rapper and hip-hop artist Rich The Kid. It would have been a common rumor, but Tori moved into his house after Rich, who was married to Antonette Willis aka Lady Lucious, filed for divorce because of his infidelity and moved out of her house in Los Angeles, paving the way for Tori Hughes to move in.

Tori seems to enjoy the show, as an insta-story uploaded by Rich shows how both (Rich and Tori) drive in his car and have fun while doing so.

Height and Other Facts You Need To Know

It is already obvious that she has a slender figure with curves that perfectly match her shape. Her body measurements are 34-26-42 inches and she is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Tori Hughes is a fitness enthusiast. She religiously follows her training routines and regularly posts videos and pictures of her work and her efforts to stay fit and maintain her sexy shape on Instagram.

Thanks to her raunchy photos and videos on Instagram, Tori has a fan base of over 2.9 million followers on her account – toribrixx – which she opened in 2014. Within a few months of opening the account, she reached the 1 million fan mark.

It was the first act signed by talent management company Amber Rose in 2016.

Although she doesn’t say it herself, it can be said that Tori Hughes is bisexual (or sexually adventurous) as she has had romantic relationships with both sexes (openly gay rapper Young M.A. in 2016 and Rich The Kid in 2018).

Tori loves the color green (dark green).

She is also a Disc Jockey (DJ).

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