Who Is Haason Reddick, The NFL Linebacker? 6 Facts You Need To Know

Haason Reddick is the first-round linebacker selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2017 National Football League (NFL) draft. Prior to being drafted by the Cardinals, he played college football for the Owls of Temple University.

Who Is Haason Reddick, The NFL Linebacker?

In addition, Haason Reddick has become an extra for Temple from only four games in his final year of high school. Later, he was to emerge as the NFL’s top candidate and eventually become the 13th overall candidate in the 2017 NFL Draft.

His rise was indeed a meteoric one. Throughout his career, he also had to move from one position to another, proving his versatility as a hybrid footballer. Below are some interesting facts you should know about him.

Facts To Know About The NFL Star

1. Background Details

The first-round picker was born Haason Samir Reddick on September 22, 1994, in Camden, New Jersey. His athletic journey took him through Haddon Heights High School in the Camden Little League, where he played as safety and running back. However, his high school career was marred by a fractured femur, which limited him to only four games in his last season and ruined his chances for college soccer scholarships in Division I.

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Although he had never been recruited by any college before or been awarded a sports scholarship, this neither deterred nor stopped him. In 2012, he joined the Temple University Owls soccer team as a replacement, but would eventually receive a scholarship. After his new studies, he was asked by the coach at the time not to return for another year, but after a change in command, he was first deployed as a linebacker before moving to the defensive, which consolidated his stay with the team.

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Dressed in his red jersey first and the second season, Reddick played in 18 games, starting in only 3. However, in 12 of 14 games the following year he started with 21.5 tackles for defeat, five sacks, and a forced fumble. He also received a scholarship that allowed him to take off the walk-on label. In addition, Reddick was awarded a single-digit jersey (from no. 58 to 7), which is a sign of respect.

He had an extremely productive 2016 season with 65 tackles and 10.5 bags. This performance earned him the honor of the First All-AAC Team. He was also invited to play in the 2017 Senior Bowl, where he was an inside linebacker. He performed excellently during the Bowl, proving to be one of the top 20 candidates to be put forward by various experts and analysts in the first round.

2. NFL Career

After numerous positive reviews and reports from various quarters, he was finally selected by the Arizona Cardinals as 13th overall and was also the first linebacker to be drafted. Haason signed a $13.47 million 4-year contract with the team in June, which included a signing bonus of $7.94 million. With his career plan, he is striving to become a professional with great impact and he is certainly going uphill to his goal with no signs of slowing down, although setbacks and injuries may be inevitable.

As a newcomer, he barely recorded a total of 23 tackles and 2½ sacks. Although he has not achieved as much as he had hoped, it is assumed that he has gained a better understanding of the league; as such, he is expected to improve his game significantly.

3. His versatility is top-notch

Over the years, Haason Reddick has grown from a walk-in cornerback to an almost rejected rookie and now one of the best linebackers in the league. He had to change more positions than he can remember and is a proven mongrel. With his athletic skills, he has grown in every position he finds himself in.

After high school, Haason Reddick was a safety. In college, he finished defensive, but probably because of his size he was drafted as an inside linebacker and then had to play as an outside linebacker after a teammate was injured. By the start of his second season, he would probably be returned to his natural position. Nonetheless, with his athleticism, experience, and resume, he can make a big impact wherever he is positioned.

4. His Family

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The football security was thanks to Raelakia Reddick and Raymond Matthew, who was also a football player – he played as a wide receiver for Clarion. Of all his fans, his parents are his biggest and most dedicated. They have accompanied him throughout his career and are always there to give him any support and encouragement he may need.

For example, his father had to visit the head coach of the Owl with his son to negotiate a free ticket status for him. And his mother stepped in to help with finances when this proved to be a hurdle in the first year of college. She bought him a meal plan so that he would not be left out in the crowd of scholarship holders who received one from the university.

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5. He Aspires To Give Back To His Community

While being at the top of his game remains one of the goals for security, he has other goals that go beyond the NFL sphere. Haason Reddick hopes to join the league of athletes such as Tim Tebow, LeBron James, and others who give something back to the society that nurtured them.

If he has the resources and a stable platform, he will definitely set up a foundation for the youth in Camden, this is a long-term agenda for him. Through the foundation, he would provide support and guidance to keep the children on the right track.

6. Height, Weight, and Body Stats

He stands on 6’1″ (1.85 m) with a corresponding body weight of 104 kg (237 lb). His arm length is 32 3/4 inches (0.83 m), while his hand size is 10 1/8 inches (0.26 m).

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