Who Is Mandi Gosling – Ryan Gosling’s Sister, Here’s All You Need To Know

Have you ever thought about why Mandi Gosling is famous even though she is not a Hollywood superstar or someone who is well known in the entertainment industry? Well, she owes her immense popularity within and outside the film industry to her brother – Ryan Gosling.

For so many years Mandi has been walking the red carpet with her actor brother at several star-studded events, which explains why she has become a household name in show business. When she was first seen on the red carpet with her brother, her presence made many tongues wag as so many online users wondered who Ryan’s “mysterious busty date” was.

The blonde beauty was always at her brother’s side. The two of them took part in the Gotham Awards back in 2006, and since then they have made it to several high-profile events together, including the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2008 and most recently the 2017 Academy Awards, where their presence once again led to many people asking about Eva Mendes’ whereabouts. Eva is Ryan’s longtime partner and the mother of his children.

Mandi Gosling is not always in front of the camera like her brother, but she is quite unique in her own way. In this play, you will get to know her better.

Who is Mandi Gosling – Ryan Gosling’s Sister

Who Is Mandi Gosling – Ryan Gosling’s Sister, Here’s All You Need To Know
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As we have already mentioned, Mandi is the sister of Ryan Gosling. A mainstream audience first noticed her after she walked the red carpet with him a few years ago. She was born in Canada on 1 January 1977 as the daughter of Thomas Ray Gosling (father) and Donna Gosling (mother).

Her father was a traveling salesman for a paper mill, while her mother worked as a secretary, who later, in 2011, became a high school teacher. Her parents, who were Mormons, are of mixed race – of English, Irish, Scottish and French-Canadian descent.

As she grew up, she moved to different cities with her younger brother (Ryan) due to her father’s work. The cities where she lived include Ontario, Burlington in Ontario, and Cornwall.

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Mandi’s parents divorced when her brother was 13 years old. This ugly development led her to help her mother raise her brother. As Ryan would always admit, Mandi and his mother really helped him to shape his life and make him “think like a girl”.

As for her education, she studied at California State University, Northridge, graduating in 2011 with a degree in Journalism and Political Science. She is said to have received the Judge Julian Beck Award as the most outstanding graduate.

Unlike her younger brother, there is very little information about the private life of the beautiful blonde, and her absence of social media makes things a bit difficult. However, she does release videos on YouTube from time to time, including some solo performances.

Gosling may not have the attention of a wider audience on her site, but she certainly works a lot behind the scenes. If the online reports are any indication, we can confirm that – thanks to her background in theatre – she works as a producer at Dateline.

Who Is Mandi Gosling – Ryan Gosling’s Sister, Here’s All You Need To Know
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Here’s All You Need To Know about Mandi 

1. It seems that Ryan Gosling is Mandi’s only brother, as there is no report that she has any other younger or older siblings

2. She is a loving aunt for her brother’s two little daughters he had with his long-time partner Eva Mendes. Ryan and Mendes began to meet after they had met during the shooting of the American crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines. The couple first made their relationship public in 2011 when they had their first kiss in public. Their relationship, which lasted over six years, produced two beautiful daughters – Esmeralda Gosling (born September 12, 2014) and Amanda Gosling (born April 29, 2016).

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Although the La La Land star and Mendes have two daughters in common, they have not yet legally formed the bond of marriage and are not engaged. But their fans are sure that one day they will say “I do”.

3. Mandi is very close to her brother. She loves the A-Lister so much that she is very happy about his success and the progress he has made in Hollywood and in his career as a whole.

4. The Dateline producer could possibly be single, as she is not in an open relationship or has any other documented relationships

5. Mandi Gosling is said to have played influential roles in the production of Pharrell Williams’ Grammy-winning song Happy.

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