Who Is Meg Turney? 5 Facts You Need To Know About The YouTube Star

A number of young people have constantly explored the possibilities of the Internet to quickly achieve fame and popularity. Meg Turney is no exception. The Internet personality, model, cosplayer, and vlogger began her career as an Internet star through her hosting job. She also did some photo sessions with some photographers as a model.

Meg is constantly in contact with her fans on her YouTube channel – MEG TURNEY, where she publishes her weekly vlogs. Her account of the same name on Instagram has over 600,000 fans who follow her and still count. Although she stopped updating her YouTube channel earlier this year due to an unfortunate experience, she is now fully back and active in her vlogging business.

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Who is Meg Turney?

There is not much information about the Internet star’s family background and educational background, but we do know that her birth name is Megan LeeAnn Turney, and she was born on March 12, 1987, in Austin Texas, United States. She is an American nationality, while her ethnicity is not known. Since Meg came into the spotlight, she has raised the bar one step at a time as a model, YouTuber, cosplayer, vlogger, and Internet personality.

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5 Facts You Need to Know About Meg 

  • Body Measurements

The YouTube sensation is not a tall woman, she stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches and has a bodyweight of 58 kg. Her physique is on the lush side with a general statistic of 35-25-36 inches. The Internet entertainer’s eye color is said to be brown, but we cannot determine the exact color of her hair, which is constantly changing color.

  • Cosplaying

The famous YouTuber was introduced to the cosplaying and anime conventions in 2002 when a friend invited it to Ushicon 1. She made her cosplay debut with Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon from the anime Sailor Moon. According to her, she failed in her first cosplay attempt, she described it as incredibly difficult, combined with the fact that she couldn’t even make half the costume. It was really hard, but still, she was as happy as a clam.

Since her debut, she has earned a lot of recognition for her cosplay, Meg has been described by gamer headlines as popular for her high-quality cosplay as well as her sassy lingerie photos. Some of his cosplays like Psycho, Princess Leia, and Faye Valentine have been praised by several online publications. Her personality as a cosplayer earned her an appearance in Heroes of Cosplay – a Syfy series. She was a special guest in the 2016 edition of Fan Expo Vancouver.

Some of her cosplays are Cosplay of a member of Team Rocket from Pokémon, of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite, Cosplay of Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon from Sailor Moon, and Cosplay of Vav from X-Ray and Vav.

  • Modeling Career

As a model, Meg Turney has worked with several photographers. In 2015 she had a photo shoot with Playboy, and in April of the same year, she was voted 20th in the FHM’s annual list of the 100 sexiest women in the world.

  • Sexual Orientation
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Meg talked openly with her audience about her sexual preferences, according to the social media personality she is bisexual. She also discussed her sexuality with VlogBrother via a YouTube video and talked about how she was exposed to a lot of teasing because of her sexual orientation, which she was never ashamed to bring to the fore.

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Meg is currently in a romantic relationship with English actor, director, cameraman, and Internet personality Gavin Free. Gavin is best known as the creative director of Rooster Teeth, Relocated, and Red vs Blue (Season 7). The couple’s relationship began in 2013 and has developed strongly over the years. It’s a known fact that Meg Turney helped Gavin with his lyrics for the movie called Lazer Team because she was really good with the South Twang accent while her boyfriend has a British accent. The couple met at PAX Prime, where Meg’s boyfriend introduced them to each other. Turney had previously dated Kevin Pereira from 2010 to 2012.

  • Home Invasion

At the beginning of 2018, on January 26th exactly, a crazy gunman broke into the house of the Internet star, where she currently lives with Free. The gunman gained entry after breaking a window and firing a shot as he advanced. When the couple heard the shot, they quickly sought shelter in the closet and contacted the police from there. The police attacked the trigger-happy intruder in front of the house when he was already leaving after an unsuccessful search for the house inhabitants. Confronted with the police, the suspect fired another shot, which triggered a reaction shot from the police, who later found him dead next to his car.

The police are still investigating whose gun hit the intruder – the police or perhaps self-inflicted. However, Meg Turney and her lover came out of this experience unscathed, and the gunman’s motive was revealed. He had the firm intention to mutilate Free, for whom he felt resentment because he (the gunman) had developed an unhealthy obsession with Meg. This experience made the Internet personality think twice about sharing her life with fans over the Internet. It took her a full six months to start working on her YouTube channel again.

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