Zahra Schreiber Biography, Wiki, Relationship With Seth Rollins

Zahra Schreiber is an American model and professional wrestler who was previously under contract with the WWE. She made her official debut as a ring spokeswoman in a live show in 2015 and was later officially hired as manager for wrestlers such as Sami Callihan, Arik Cannon, Nick Brubaker, Donovan Danhausen, and Ruff Crossing.

Schreiber also stood in the corner of Aria Blake’s match against Morgana on the ring. Throughout her time with NXT she had several small appearances at wrestling matches, including dressing up as a skeleton to play the role of one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds.

Zahra Schreiber Biography

Zahra (zare-uh) Brittney Schreiber was born on April 18, 1988, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. She once revealed that she was descended from Cherokee descent and that her mother, Gina James, was a former country singer. Schreiber attended the House of Truth Wrestling School, which is run by Truth Martini and Jimmy Jacobs, and graduated to pursue her dream career in the wrestling world. A dream that came to an end when she was fired from the WWE on August 31, 2015.

Zahra Schreiber Biography, Wiki, Relationship With Seth Rollins
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Wrestling Career

Zahra Schreiber debuted in 2015 with DreamWave Wrestling, but that was after her public stage appearance in LaSalle. Her first official wrestling match with DreamWave was later announced to celebrate her participation in the Survival of the Fittest on November 7, 2015.

Schreiber had teamed up with co-wrestlers like Danhausen, Crossing, Cannon, and Brubaker to win against Darin Corbin, Marshe Rockett, Prince Mustafa Ali, Mike Hartenbower, and Waylon Beck in a ten-man elimination match.

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Release from WWE NXT

Schreiber was released on August 31, 2015, when photos of Nazi memorabilia that she had shared on social media with her then-fiancé Chad Ruglig appeared in her home in Saginaw. She published a statement on her Instagram to explain her site, saying that her interest in the Holocaust came from people who were against Nazism.

In her own words, she said: “The WWE made the decision to dismiss me from my contract because of posts I held in the social media years ago, long before I was even employed by them. Zahra Schreiber mentioned that working at WWE was her dream job. She accepted to take responsibility for her actions and to apologize to those who might have been offended by her position.

Schreiber also made clear her position on the controversial post, saying that she wanted to make it very clear that she is in no way an anti-Semite, nor tolerates anti-Semitism. Had one looked deeper into her post, one would have noticed, according to her, that the photo also showed Marlene Dietrich, a Polish actress who stood up against Nazism and fought for the oppressed in the Second World War.

The budding wrestler explained that the photos and relics were nothing more than a story to her.

Even though it may seem as if everything she had dreamed and worked for has disappeared, Schreiber said it did not define her life. Rather, she would learn, move on, and become a much better person.

Zahra Schreiber Relationship With Seth Rollins

Zahra Schreiber Biography, Wiki, Relationship With Seth Rollins
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Schreiber met with Seth Rollins before a scandal that probably triggered the relationship to the rock hit. The two have been together for a year but decided to end it quietly and she moved into a new apartment.

Their relationship was seen as controversial from the beginning and it was expected that it would fail. Rollins had a long-time girlfriend, Leighla Schultz, whom he cheated on with Schreiber. While both could have gotten away with it, the despised lover retaliated and published a nude photo of both of them on Rollins’ Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Neither Schreiber, Rollins nor Schultz ever explained the scandal. It was reported that the sexting photos would have been a career ripper for Rollins, but the WWE crowned him champion the following month.

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Zahra Schreiber, however, was not so lucky, apparently, the Nazi iconography in her social media and other supposedly outrageous material was too heartbreaking to deal with. While she was promptly fired, Rollins stood by her in the months that followed, and it seemed as if their relationship was normal. Schreiber occasionally shared posts on social issues related to her happiness. But in the end, they separated.

Before she was with Rollins, Zahra Schreiber was engaged to Chad Ruhling, a singer of the metalcore band Fallen Dreams. The duo was together for eight years before they broke off their engagement.

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