Alex Sykes Bio, Facts and Profile of Wanda Sykes’ Wife, How Did They Meet?
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Many people who have achieved fame today would have been forgotten without their relationship with already established public figures. One of those who have become famous thanks to a relationship is Alex Sykes – an elegant French businesswoman who has worked in sales for almost her entire career. She became popular after she married Wanda Sykes (an award-winning writer, actress, and comedian). Together the gay couple started a family. Here you will find all the facts you need to know about the other half of a celebrity couple.

Alex Sykes Bio and Profile

Born as Alex Niedbalski in France, Sykes is a quite high flyer and a very private person. While her popularity is due to her sexuality and her marriage to the popular Wanda Sykes, Alex has managed to keep details of her actual date of birth, family, siblings, and other important details out of the public eye. It is uncertain where Alex studied for her basic education, but she is well trained in her field. Her skills range from new business development, price analysis, contract negotiations, sales and customer management, supply chain optimization, and others.

Alex Sykes graduated from ISEG Business School, Paris (Institut Superieur European de Gestion group) between 1992 and 1996 with a Masters’s degree in Economics and Marketing.

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Alex Sykes has shown tenacity and courage and is not afraid of hard work. She started her career from the base of the squad and has steadily climbed through the ranks. Sykes began her career at WTA, a global company in professional female sports. From September 1996 to January 1997 she worked as a press assistant before moving to another organization.

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In February 1997, she began working as an assistant for sponsorship and marketing at the ‘Federation Francaise de BasketBall’ in Paris, a position she held for almost two years. Alex Sykes then worked as a sales and marketing manager for the “Levantina Group” – a company that extracts and processes natural stone. She worked in this position from February 2003 to February 2007. Due to her experience here, she was able to win a place in another natural stone company (Polycor) in 2007.

Polycor is a quarry for various renowned natural stones, which are processed into customized stone products such as tiles, slabs, curbstones, products for landscaping, and architectural stones. She currently serves as Senior Vice President of Sales, a position she has held for over 12 years.

How Alex Sykes Met Partner Wanda Sykes

Alex and Wanda Sykes met at the party of a mutual friend in 2006. They had a connection and soon started dating and finally got married in 2008 in a beautiful and intimate ceremony. Wanda publicly identified herself as gay at a same-sex marriage rally in Las Vegas in 2008 about a month after her marriage. On April 27, 2009, the couple welcomed a set of fraternal twins – Lucas Claude Sykes (son) and Olivia Lou Sykes (daughter). Alex Sykes gave birth to their babies.

Alex Sykes – Bio, Facts and Profile of Wanda Sykes’ Wife, How Did They Meet?
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Wanda Sykes is an award-winning comedienne and one of the funniest people in America. She won an Emmy for her work as a writer on The Chris Rock Show. She is popular for her outstanding performances in Monster-in-Law (2005, Evan Almighty (2007), Ice Age (2012, 2016), Rio (2011), Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001-11), and others.

Wanda was once married to Dave Hall (a record producer) from 1991 to 1998. She admitted that she came back to herself after her divorce because she always knew something was missing. She made her first coming out before her parents when she was 40. She was just undergoing surgery and her mother was already making plans to come to her. She opened up to her mother on the phone, and consequently, her mother canceled all plans to visit her.

It was a devastating time for her as her parents refused to accept her sexuality or attend her wedding. Although they have now accepted her and are now loving grandparents of Lucas and Olivia. In an interview with Oprah, Wanda reveals that she found the connection and intimacy she had missed in her first marriage in her marriage to Alex Sykes.

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Other Facts About Alex Sykes

1. It is not active in social media Although she is married to a public figure. It is almost surprising that Alex has no active social media account except LinkedIn. She supports her partner a lot and performs with him at various public events, but manages to keep most of the important details of her life and family private.

2. Alex Sykes was introduced to former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle by her spouse. Wanda describes it as surrealistic to say at this meeting: “Meet my wife”. The Obamas were very kind and even joked with them as they would with a heterosexual couple. It all felt so natural, she describes.

3. Alex and Wanda Sykes are activists for a number of reasons, especially for same-sex marriage. They have organized a number of fundraisers and events for this purpose.

4. Although Alex Sykes does not earn as much as her partner, she has done well in her career. Her net worth was estimated at about $1 million.