All You Need To Know About Pete Davidson’s Engagement To Ariana Grande

It’s no longer news that SNL actor Pete Davidson and pop star Ariana Grande are engaged, but the question is how much you really know about their engagement. Since they announced their engagement, the duo has captured our hearts with enchanting shared moments and uninhibited PDAs on Instagram. It’s obvious that they have a lot of love between them and this relationship is a new beginning for them too. The world’s opinion about them really doesn’t interest them. All they want to think about is their love and how happy they are in each other’s presence. Don’t look any further for the details, here you will find everything you need to know about Pete Davidson’s engagement to Ariana Grande.

But before we get to the topic of the day, it would be only fair to take a look at their relationship history. Here is a quick look into the relationship diary of the singer and the comedian.

Pete Davidson Dating Timeline

The duo had had quite famous relationships in the past, but both of them had separated from their last pairings a few weeks or months before they joined, first as casual friends, then as flames. It’s commendable that they are serial monogamists and that they broke up from all previous relationships before entering a new one.

All You Need To Know About Pete Davidson’s Engagement To Ariana Grande
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Pete Davidson, who starred in the 40th season premiere of the NBC sketch comedy series in September 2014 at the age of 20, was with Cazzie David for two years. Cazzie is a writer and actress and the daughter of comedian and actor Larry David. Pete owes Cazzie a lot of gratitude for helping him to free himself from drug addiction.

However, he managed to make a clean break with her before he started on a new date. He confirmed his separation from Cazzie in an interview in mid-May. Before Cazzie, Pete Davidson had dated another “C”, the girl code star Carly Aquilino, in 2015. It’s just surprising that he wanted an “A” this time.

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Ariana Grande’s Dating History

For Ariana Grande, she has worked with a number of celebrities, especially from the world of music. From her first crush, Justin Timberlake, to her last boyfriend, she seems to really care about the people in her industry. Who wouldn’t want a family connection anyway? Her dating timeline would include names like starting with the youngest:

American rapper Mac Miller from 2016 to 2018, the duo collaborated on Mac’s single My Favorite Part from his 2016 album The Divine Feminine.

The singer of Dangerous Woman dated her background dancer Ricky Alvarez from 2015 to 2016. She also dated rapper Big Sean from August 2014 to April 2015. The couple split up due to their conflicting schedules. They worked together on the song Right There from their album Yours Truly and performed together often.

Ariana met with British singer Nathan Sykes, who confirmed their relationship on Twitter in September 2013, but they would break up later in 2014, albeit for mutual reasons, citing a conflict in their busy schedule as the reason.

She met with Australian comedian and YouTube personality Jai Brooks from 2012 to 2014, but with a break in 2013, and they got back together in 2014 before finally breaking up in July 2014.

The ponytail slayer is said to have gone out with her background dancer Jordan Viscomi in 2011 after separating from her puppy love. Ariana defined their separation as a terrible, horrible breakup.

Her first boyfriend was actor and singer Graham Phillips, with whom she had a loving relationship from 2008 to 2011 when they would break up. Graham was her co-star in the Broadway show 13.

Pete Davidson Engagement

All You Need To Know About Pete Davidson’s Engagement To Ariana Grande
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The duo may have met at one of Ariana’s appearances on SNL in 2014, when Pete made his debut as a cast member, and again in March 2016, when she hosted and was also a musical guest. According to reports, the singer of The Light is Coming began dating the SNL star in late May 2018. She published a photo of the two on Instagram with the headline “I thought u into my life around that time”. Pete added a photo of them in Hogwarts robes on 30 May.

Not long after that, the news of Pete Davidson’s engagement hit the Internet by storm, even before the fans could deal with the excitement of their dates. The super-cute couple got engaged in June 2018.

Before their engagement, Pete and Ariana had matching finger tattoos, a tiny identical cloud moji in the same place on the left hand, engraved on their fingers. Pete also added Ariana-inspired inks to his collections: her initials, AG, and her characteristic rabbit ears.

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After many behind-the-scenes conversations and describing her connection as a whirlwind romance and her actions as coming as lightning, Pete confirmed her engagement to Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s Tonight Show, putting the rumors to rest. Pete Davidson said that the engagement to the pop star felt like he had won a contest. It really must have been a competition, considering how quickly he pulled the noose.

Pete tossed the question on his knees with a pear-shaped 3-carat engagement ring from Manhattan jeweler Greg Yuna, to whom he paid nearly $100,000 in May. Pete Davidson’s engagement serves as inspiration for other men, one of whom allegedly told him that he (Pete) had given him hope.

Even at Pete Davidson’s engagement, it was like a sweet climax to the events in Ariana Grande’s life. She titled one of her singles in her new album, which is due for release on July 20, Pete, to which she received some counter-reactions. Who cares anyway? Ariana had been through a lot – her parents divorced when she was 8 years old and she had to cope with the emotional trauma she must have experienced after her concert in the city in May 2017 with the event of the murders in Manchester. She admits that life is too short to be cryptic (very true) and something as beautiful as the love she is in should not be held back.

Recently, on Father’s Day weekend, she revealed that they had moved into a $16 million five-room apartment in New York together. At the rate they’re going, their wedding bells may be ringing soon. What can we do but share in their happiness and wish them well?

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