Allison Stokke Bio, Net Worth, Relationship With Rickie Fowler, Where Is She Now

Allison Stokke is a beautiful pole-vaulter and fitness model who only came into the limelight after one of her pictures went viral on various social media platforms. This also sparked a debate about whether the high popularity of the picture posed a threat to underage girls who could be increasingly sexualized in public. She became even more popular when her background in this sport showed that she made one of the highest jumps for female athletes under the age of 17. Despite her impressive records as a pole-vaulter in high school, she failed to secure a place on the 2012 American Olympic team. Nevertheless, she still competes at the national level. More interesting things about her can be found below.

Allison Stokke Bio

Allison Stokke (Allison Rebecca Stokke) was born in Newport Beach, California, on March 22, 1989, as the son of Allan Stokke (father) and Cindy Stokke (mother). She became interested in sports at a very young age when her older brother David, a gymnast who competed nationally for young people, became a source of inspiration for her.

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Initially, she tried to take up gymnastics as well, but soon switched to pole vault when she studied at Newport High School. Soon Allison improved greatly and became one of the best young pole vaulters in the country. In 2004, she jumped 12 ft 6 inches (3.81 m) and won the United States Pole Vault Championship at the age of 15/16.

Allison Stokke Bio, Net Worth, Relationship With Rickie Fowler, Where Is She Now
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While still a freshman, Allison Stokke jumped 12 ft 7 3/4 inches (3.86 m), breaking the American record for a high school freshman. The following year (2005), as a sophomore, she made a jump of 4.11 m (13 ft 5 3/4 inches) to set a new high school record. She was praised for having the best jumps performed by an American teenager under the age of 17. Moreso, her steady spirit and drive led her to win the CIF California State Meet, twice in high school even with a broken leg. When she was in high school, Allison Stokke’s jump of 4.14 m (13 ft 6 3/4 inches) earned her second place in the national high school league table for top female jumpers.

Viral Picture and College

In 2007 Allison had herself photographed by a journalist during a competition in New York. The picture, originally intended for a California athletics website, was published in a sports blog with a large male fan base. Her picture was posted with the headline “Pole Vault is sexy, hardly legal”. Since Allison was 17 years old at the time of the incident, the journalist threatened to sue the sports blog owners if they refused to remove her picture from their website.

However, the article next to her picture was already widely distributed on the Internet and so popular on social media that the article was published in major newspapers such as The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times. Although she gained a large fan base for her image, CBS broadcast a story about the dangers of sexualizing young people in public.

After graduating high school, she attended college at the University of California at Berkeley. While there, she earned an All-Academic Honors at the regional level and an All-American Honors at the 2011 NCAA Indoor Championships. In 2012, she tried to get an Olympic ticket but failed to qualify.

Allison Stokke Relationship With Rickie Fowler

Allison Stokke Bio, Net Worth, Relationship With Rickie Fowler, Where Is She Now
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Since Allison Stokke is not only popular for her vaulting skills, her radiant beauty also makes her a top catch for powerful and equally successful men. No doubt many of her fans have tried to find out her relationship status, especially since she was photographed more often than usual with top golfer Rickie Fowler. Well, the fact is that Allison and Rickie do indeed have a relationship. They both met in April 2017, and after being together for over a year, the two got engaged in June 2018, but details of their wedding are not yet known.

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Net Worth

As a pole-vaulter, Allison Stokke has not exactly made a lot of money with her sports career, especially since she was unable to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games. But with her extra income as a fitness model for sportswear companies like Nike and Athleta among others, she has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Where Is She Now

Due to the fact that she was unable to advance her career by qualifying for the Olympics, she works as a part-time model and has promoted some sportswear owned by prominent sportswear companies such as Athleta and Nike Inc.

She is currently working with GoPro to create instructional videos for pole vaulting that millions of viewers have seen on YouTube. She still participates in several national pole vault events, although her career in the sport has declined. Her last appearance in the pole vault was at the 2017 Austin Longhorn Invitational where she finished third with a height of 4.27 meters.

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