Amanda Nunes Bio, Record, Is She Gay, Who is The Girlfriend or Partner?

One of the beautiful things about human beings is our ability to turn everything into an art form and earn money with it. There is no shortage of opportunities for everyone to find what their hands and legs are good at and build a career from it. Fighting is one of these things. What would naturally be considered a terrible, injury-causing activity is a form of art and a source of income if it takes place in a controlled environment The UFC is one of the bearers of this human creativity, and it has provided men and women who see themselves as born fighters with a place where they can make a living from it. One of these women is Amanda Nunes, a Brazilian mixed martial artist.

Amanda Nunes Bio

One of the top names in the UFC for both men and women is Amanda Nunes, an amazing fighter who has been at the top of the sport for some time. The Brazilian martial artist was born on May 30, 1988, in a small town outside Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Not much is known about her parents and her childhood, but we do know that she was born as the second daughter of Sandoval Nunes and Ivete Nunes – her first daughter is Vanessa Nunes.

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Amanda’s life as a fighter and martial artist began at the age of four when she started taking karate lessons. At sixteen she added boxing to her martial arts and competed in one of the most popular fighting styles, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, after being encouraged by her sister Vanessa, who is also a well-trained fighter. During the competition she trained under Ryan Franco, a black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt holder, to improve her fighting style skills.

Amanda Nunes Bio, Record, Is She Gay, Who is The Girlfriend or Partner?
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Amanda’s educational history is unknown, and everything indicates that all of her formal training was in the martial arts.

To make something of her fighting skills, she moved to the United States and lived in New Jersey where she trained at the AMA Fight Club before moving to Florida and training at the MMA Masters. The exact date of her move to the U.S. is not publicly known at this time, but she made her professional MMA debut in 2008, in a match against Ana Maria in the Prime MMA Championship 2 on March 8, 2008, but lost her first match against Ana Maria.

Before joining the UFC, she fought under two competition organizers, Strikeforce and Invicta FC. During her time at Strikeforce, she started with five consecutive wins, wiping away the disappointment of her first match. During this time she fought 6 times and lost only once.

At Invicta, she fought twice and lost one fight and won the other. She made her debut at the Ultimate Fighting Championship on August 3, 2013, and had her first UFC fight against Sheila Gaff and won over TKO in the first round.

In the following three years Nunes fought six times and lost only once. Her record in the UFC qualified her for a title bout, and on July 9, 2016, she got her chance to win the UFC Women’s Bantam Weight Championship in a fight against Miesha Tate. She won the fight by submission and won her first UFC title.

Nune’s title defense fight took place on December 30, 2016, against UFC superstar Ronda Rousey. Nunes won the fight and established herself as a true star of the sport. Since then she has won every title defense since then. Her fighting style and athleticism have earned her three “Performance of the Night” awards with the UFC.

Amanda Nunes Bio, Record, Is She Gay, Who is The Girlfriend or Partner?
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Amanda Nunes – Fighting Record

In her professional career so far, she has played 20 games. She has won 16 games and lost 4. She has won 11 victories by knockout, 3 by submission, and 2 by judge’s decisions. She has lost twice by knockout, once by submission and once by the decision of the referees.

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Is She Gay? Girlfriend, Partner

Amanda Nunes is one of the few openly gay people in professional sports. She prefers to focus on her work rather than her sexual orientation, but her exploits in sports, despite her choices, are helping to change the image of minority people. For her openness, she was awarded the Equality Visibility Award by Equality California in 2016.

She is currently engaged to another UFC fighter, Nina Ansaroff. The couple has been together since 2012. Very few details are known about their relationship, as Nunes prefers to keep a low profile, but all indications are that the couple is doing well.

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