Anna Hutchison Biography, Relationship with Jason Smith, Boyfriend, Husband

Best known for her role as Delphi Greenlaw in Shortland Street and Lily Chilman in the Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Anna Hutchison is best known for her role as Delphi Greenlaw. Anna Hutchison is an actress who was like any other multi-talented and good-looking female celebrity in various relationships, and this has led her fans and admirers to take a real interest in what is happening in her personal life, with questions like “Is she married? Who is Anna dating or was dating? Let’s take a quick look at her life and find out the answers to these questions that are in the hearts of many people.

Anna Hutchison Bio

Anna Hutchison was born on 8 February 1986 in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a well-known actress in Hollywood. She is friendly and loves to participate in extra activities. Since childhood, she has always had an interest in the entertainment industry, which helped bring her to the top and today she is a well-known name. Anna, who is very brilliant, multi-talented, and charming, mentioned in one of her interviews that hard work and dedication are the secrets of her success. She is one that we can use today as a source of inspiration for those people, especially young people, who want to be successful in the field of entertainment.

Anna Hutchison Biography, Relationship with Jason Smith, Boyfriend, Husband
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Anna started her career with commercials and government advertising. She also performed on stage and always left a good impression on all the spectators. She starred in the New Zealand soap opera “Shortland Street” (2002-2004) and continued in the American TV series “Power Rangers Jungle Fury” (2008), which made her popular. She also played Amy Smart in the New Zealand comedy series Go Girls (2009-2012).

In 2013 Anna joined the cast of Spartacus for the third season and played a leading role as Laeta, a Roman woman captured by Spartacus. She has won many awards in her career and achieved a lot. Fans are fascinated by her performance because she has an exciting smile and takes on film roles with big emergencies. Not to forget that Anna is very friendly and honest with both her friends and her superiors, so it is not difficult for her to get new opportunities, which she uses and from which she gains many experiences.

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What is Her Relationship with Jason Smith

Anna Hutchinson was only with her actor colleague and co-star in Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Jason Smith, for a short time. The couple started dating in 2008 and the relationship broke up that same year. Smith is an actor of Australian origin and is also a singer. He is famous for his role as Robbie Hunter in the soap opera “Home And Away”, which earned him a nomination for “Most Popular New Male Talent” at the 2005 Logie Awards, and also for Power Rangers Jungle Fury, where he played the role of Casey Rhodes, the Red Ranger. He was born in Sydney on May 31, 1984, and after graduating high school, Jason began an acting career.

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Is She Married? Boyfriend, Husband

Anna Hutchison is not yet married, but will – hopefully – soon enter into marriage, as she is currently engaged to Boston-born Hollywood talent manager and film producer Mike Gillespie. After her separation from Jason Smith, Anna has continued her life and started a relationship with Gillespie. They met in 2012 at the Melbourne film set of the football drama “Aussie Rules”, Blinder, in which she starred. The couple moved in together in Beverly Hills a year after their relationship began. Currently, they are still engaged and happy together. The engagement took place on Waiheke Island in Paris in September 2017, when Mike gave Anna a beautiful diamond ring. They plan to get married very soon.

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Mike Gillespie is from Boston and studied at the University of Texas at Arlington. After he left the university, Mike went into management and partnerships with some of the major power players that connected him in Hollywood. In the early stages of his life, he worked in the mailroom of the United Talent Agency, where he later became a major talent agent. As a film producer, Gillespie has produced several films with Primary Entertainment, including two with Anna Hutchison (Blinder in 2013 and Sugar Mountain in 2016).

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