Boy Pablo Bio, Age, Wiki, Facts About The Pop Band

Somewhere in the quiet city of Bergen, Norway, a band called Boy Pablo was formed sometime in 2015. By 2019, the Norwegian indie-pop-rock band had already become popular in various parts of the world, crossing the borders of Norway to flourish in places like the United States and the United Kingdom. The band’s success came rather suddenly thanks to their video, which spread across the internet.

Boy Pablo, led by Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz, became famous with songs like “Every time” (2017) and “Losing You” (2018). Other members of the band are Gabriel Muñoz, the lead guitarist, Eric Tryland (piano and backing vocals), Henrik Åmdal (bass guitar), and Sigmund Vestrheim (drums).

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Boy Pablo Biography (Age)

Since it is a band, Nicolas Pablo Muñoz, who is the main person behind the band besides the singer and the rhythm guitarist, is also called Boy Pablo.

Boy Pablo – Bio, Age, Wiki, Facts About The Pop Band
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Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz was born in Norway and had parents who were originally from Chile. They moved to Norway in the ’80s and have stayed there ever since. There they raised their son Munoz and he received his education at a private secondary school, the Kongshaug Musikkgymnas.

He grew up in a very quiet city where there are not too many people. Although he lived in Norway for most of his life, he still speaks a little Spanish to his family members. He also eats Spanish food at home and watches Spanish soccer, as his family still keeps his roots pretty close.

The boy Pablo grew up as the youngest of his other siblings in a family that was in love with music. In fact, music was a part of his family, so it was easy for him to start making music when he was 10 years old. He would continue to play while continuing his education.

For someone who had always loved music as he grew up, he decided to form his band Boy Pablo in 2015. Just one year later, the band had already attracted the attention of the country and was considered the new wave sweeping through Bergen.

Pablo had already made the band very popular in 2017 with the release of their song “Every time”. So far the band has released two EPs and a number of singles. The first EP they have released is Roy Pablo in 2016, followed by Soy Pablo in 2018. In addition, the band has already completed several tours while they continue to work towards the release of their first studio album.

Facts About The Pop Band

Boy Pablo – Bio, Age, Wiki, Facts About The Pop Band
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1. The band Boy Pablo was founded by Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz together with some of his classmates from high school. While he continues to be the captain of the band, the others mostly provide support and handle instruments. All band members are best friends who all met at boarding school. At that time all the boys were still teenagers.

2. Although the band is still quite young, they have already started to decorate their shelves with some awards. In 2018 they won the Spellemann Award for Newcomer of the Year and the Gramo Scholarship 2019.

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3. The first songs released by the band, including her most popular song “Every time”, which made the band famous, were all written and produced by Boy Pablo, who did everything in his bedroom. After producing “Every time”, the band made it available on YouTube, where they enjoyed a good engagement. By 2019, the song had already been viewed almost 20 million times. There was a point where the video was viewed up to fifty thousand times in a single day. It owed its popularity to a post on Reddit.

4. Pablo described the other members of the band and said that although he was a bit relaxed, the band’s guitarist, Gabriel, was someone who was great but obsessed with sneakers. The drummer Sigmund is the funniest member of the band, Eric, the keyboard player, is the one who is very brave when challenged, and Henrik, the bass player, is extremely calm.

5. Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz is not the only member of the band with Chilean roots. The band’s guitarist, Gabriel, is also partly Chilean since his father is from a South American country.

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