Bryan Silva Wiki, Is He Gay? Check Out His Net Worth and Why He is So Popular

The bathroom has always been a stage for countless celebrities who may not have believed in their skills at first, or who simply needed to be sure they would get the audience they needed before presenting their talent in an appropriate setting. Nevertheless, there is no place too obscure for a star to shine, his ability to shine is innate and he shines whenever he wants to. Today we introduce you to one of the celebrities from the bathroom, Bryan Silva, who has begun uploading a series of six-second clips of himself reciting rap lyrics from his bathroom. Did I mention that? The raps are terrible, but that’s one of his strengths anyway.

Bryan describes himself as a king of all professions, being a bodybuilder, rapper, and porn star. One of his most famous rap videos is the Gratata, which has inspired numerous parodies and remakes of Vine. His onomatopoeic sound has helped him gain more than 460,000 fans on stage. What’s more, his insulting use of the N-word in sexually explicit language has also made him a household name among fans. Hence the search to learn more about him. Let’s go down and find out everything we need to know about the creator of the “Gratata”.

Who is Bryan Silva?

Bryan Silva is a Florida-born personality known for his gay porn movies and terrible rapping. He was born on January 2, 1991, but moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, when he was two years old. In 2005, he was convicted of assault and burglary at the age of 14 and was subsequently sent to prison for three years. Among his charges was the attack on his school principal.

His parents are Michael and Robin Silva, and he has an older brother, Phillip. He received his GED at 16 when he was still locked up in prison.

Bryan Silva Wiki, Is He Gay? Check Out His Net Worth and Why He is So Popular
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Why is He so Popular? 

Bryan became popular because of his raps. He also believes that his name is the biggest part of getting him out there and making him famous. In addition, his body, face, actions, and personality together increase his popularity rate, because most people can’t help but want to know what Bryan Silva is all about and what he looks like.

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Although he says that he doesn’t really rap, mainly does freestyles, his gratata line was what excited his listeners the most. Besides his production of pistol sounds, he is also known for his line to Suck it like a slurpy. It also seems that his contributions, regardless of their content, attract attention, even if they only appeal to his haters, and true to his belief, haters make one famous. He has amassed quite a lot of it since he started posting his content. In one of these cases, he appeared on the World Star Hip Hop website to address his haters. The video was viewed over a million times.

The way he uses the n-word, he justifies this by saying that he has had street training and has been out there since he was eight years old and that he has spent part of his life behind bars. During his time in prison, he started with bodybuilding and continued after his release. After gaining his freedom, he moved to California-La Quinta at the age of 19, where he got to know the industry better. He also has a clothing line where he markets a range of clothing for all groups (men, women, children).

Once he reaches celebrity status, every detail about him becomes a piece that is devoured by fans and haters alike. Bryan hit the headlines again in early 2016 when he was arrested after a standoff with Virginia police. He was charged with kidnapping and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. As the person he is, he made a video on Facebook showing how he was barricaded, drunk, screaming, and cursing in front of the audience during the police raid on his house.

He was finally sentenced to 6 years in prison, although more than four years of the sentence were suspended as he was released in February 2018.

Is Bryan Silva Gay?

Bryan Silva Wiki, Is He Gay? Check Out His Net Worth and Why He is So Popular
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Nothing is impossible for the Vine Star, especially when he is himself and expresses it. His fame on Vine and YouTube led to the discovery of his earlier work in the adult film industry. As a gay porn actor, he went by the name of Max Payne. He has worked with Helix Studios, Next Door Studios (NSFW), and Corbin Fisher.

On his Twitter, however, he emphatically stated that gay porn does not translate his sexuality as gay. Despite this, he got into porn because he felt the need to stand out and succeed.

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Bryan Silva Net Worth

It’s a known fact that work pays, no matter how hard it may be and the time it takes before the wages start coming. Bryan has been able to get for himself an impressive net worth by literally getting on people’s nerves most time. He also gets his fortune through his adverts on social media but unfortunately, his exact net worth cannot be confirmed at the moment even though there are different speculations about it.

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