Eric Wareheim Height, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio

Eric Wareheim is an American who has made a name for himself as an actor, comedian, director, and musician. Through his collaboration with his long-time friend Tim Heidecker, he started various television and Netflix series. As a very versatile person, Eric has created a huge fan community on many social media platforms. Here you will find everything you need to know about him.

Eric Wareheim Bio

He was born on April 7, 1976, as Eric Alexander Wareheim in Audubon, Pennsylvania, where he grew up at the side of a sister. For his education, he attended Methacton High School, from where he transferred to Temple University.

During his stay at Temple University, he met Tim Heidecker, with whom he would partner for many years. Shortly after they met, they formed their bands TGIF, Devil’s Eyeland, and The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece.

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Eric and Tim made a name for themselves in entertainment circles when they started the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! in 2007. The vaudeville show, which brought together comedy, animation, and other things, was largely produced by the two men themselves, as they also wrote it themselves.

He has been involved in many productions, including Tom Goes to the Mayor, for which he was the mayor’s voice in 2002, Let’s Go to Prison (2006), Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (2012), and Reality (2014).

He has also appeared in many television and web series, most of which he co-produced with Tim Heidecker. Some of them are Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Tim and Eric Nite Live!, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, and Tim and Eric’s bedtime stories. In 2016 he was made a video game character in Star Citizen.

With a career that can easily be described as successful, he has received several award nominations, including a Primetime Emmy, a Streamy Award, and the PGA Award. He also took home the Webby Award.

More than just the TV productions, Eric and Tim released their album Awesome Record, Great Songs! Volume One, in 2008, which is a comedy album featuring songs from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! The album contained 49 tracks that were between 19 seconds and almost 4 minutes long.

Married, Wife, and Girlfriend

Eric Wareheim Height, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio
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Even if the actor is mostly what you can define as a free spirit, one thing that has remained closed about him is his love life. The only thing that is known in this respect is that he has no wife because he has never been married. More than that, he has not been involved with many women in the past.

In fact, the only person who has been connected to him as a friend in the past is Liz Lee. The relationship, which didn’t seem to last long before the paths of the actor and the star parted ways with “My Life as Liz”, was maintained very cautiously. At the end of the day, neither of them came out to confirm or deny the relationship.

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More than anything else, Eric Wareheim’s dating life has remained a mystery to many people, many have taken the easy way out to claim that he might as well be gay. His partner, as they claim, is his close friend Tim Heidecker, who is not only married since 2007 but also has a child, Amelia Heidecker.

In a series of interviews, however, he has talked about his girlfriend and the kind of women he likes. Just as there are currently no facts about who the comedian is going out with, there are no facts about the fact that he is gay.

Eric Wareheim Net Worth

Eric Wareheim has come a long way as a comedian, actor, writer, and many other things, all of which bear witness to his hard work, dedication, and talent. Consequently, it would only be reasonable to expect him to have a reasonable fortune to show for it. Well, he has. He has $2.5 million as his estimated net worth.

Height and Weight

Obviously, Wareheim is a man of intimidating height and weight, although he may not be the most athletic build. He is taller than many people and has a height of 6′ 6″ (1.98 m). As for his weight, this has not been reported.

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