Jade Logue Bio and Facts About Donal Logue’s Transgender Daughter

Jade Logue is the transsexual teenage daughter of the famous actor Donal Logue, who plays detective Harvey Bullock in the TV series Gotham. Although Jade Logue has no claim to fame beyond her status as her father’s child, her story so far is one of courage, love, innocence, and an unshakable knowledge of who she is as a person. She definitely did not have it easy because she was often bullied at school and had to live in fear of being attacked because she lived her truth at every hour of the day.

The beautiful young woman also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She participates in many activities and efforts that provide her with a reasonably stable income that exceeds what her parents offer her. Despite the fact that most people claim that her wealth is definitely enhanced by her father’s millionaire status, Jade’s estimated net worth of over $80,000 is certainly impressive. It is expected that this figure will increase considerably as she continues on her chosen path. Jade became very well known after her disappearance, and her parents launched a search campaign to ensure that she was found and returned home.

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Jade Logue Biography

Jade was born on March 25, 2001, in Brooklyn, New York as Arlo Logue, the son of Donal Logue and his former wife Kasey Walker-Smith. She is the younger of two children of the couple. Her older brother is named Finn. Everything indicates that she had a happy childhood and grew up in a loving and supportive environment.

Jade Logue – Bio and Facts About Donal Logue’s Transgender Daughter
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Although Jade was once a boy, she identified herself more as a girl as she grew up. Her family was aware of her true gender identity and strongly supported her decision to undergo the process of transition from boy to girl. At that time she changed her name from Arlo to Jade. When she turned 15, she publicly announced that she was transsexual and made a joke about how her coming out opened her up to bullying, slander, and other forms of discrimination. However, she also received much support from the public, especially from the LGBTQ community.

After becoming openly transsexual, Jade Logue began to change her appearance so that she looked more like a woman. She let her hair grow, started to dress more feminine, and started taking hormone injections and pills that helped her change her body and develop like a woman. At present, you can hardly suspect that she used to be male unless you see pictures from her childhood.

Facts About Donal Logue’s Transgender Daughter

In June 2017, Jade left home to meet a friend and never returned. Her parents could not reach her and had no idea where she was, so they used social media to explain that their daughter was missing. Her father asked the police, the FBI, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help find her. He also appealed to the general public to contact her with any information about her whereabouts. There was some discussion about whether Jade was really missing or had simply run away from home, but Donal Logue made it clear that his daughter was missing.

Jade Logue – Bio and Facts About Donal Logue’s Transgender Daughter
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Jade’s mother Kacey also went to social media to beg for her daughter’s safe return. She told beautiful details about Jade’s life and personality and described her as one of the most loving and sweetest souls she had ever met. She encouraged anyone who might have Jade in their care to simply take her home, no questions asked, and declared that she would do and give everything that was necessary as long as her precious daughter could return home to her family.

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Other celebrities also supported the search for the missing girl with their voice and support. They exchanged messages online to spread the word. Some, like Danny Trejo, made a video about Jade to raise awareness and encourage people to come forward if they had information that could be helpful.

Two weeks after the large-scale search, Jade Logue was found in North Carolina, 400 miles from home, and returned to her family. No information was given about how she ended up there, who she was found, or the circumstances in which she was found. Donal publicly thanked everyone and the organizations that had helped in the search for his child.

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