Jennifer Love’s Dating History, Her Past Boyfriends And Husbands

The sweet and curvy Jennifer Love Hewitt is more commonly known as Hewit and might have “love” as part of her name, but finding love in real life was not so easy for the young actress. Hewitt met different types of guys over the years over periods of time ranging from a few months to years, but in the end, the love faded. Although she finally found her Prince Charming charming, her stories of kissing many frogs along the line have made headlines in the tabloids time and again. Below is her dating story including the flings she had and the dating rumors associated with her.

Jennifer Love’s Dating History, Her Past Boyfriends And Husbands
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Jennifer Love Dating History – Ex-boyfriends 

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s love adventure began as a child actress in Hollywood and also started at the very early age of 14. You would think that it would be easy for someone as pretty as Hewitt to keep a man, but apparently, there is more to it than we know. Let’s take a look at who she’s been with ever since.

1. Fred Savage

At the top of Hewitt’s dating history is former child actor Fred Savage, whom she mentioned that he dated sometime in 1993 when she was just 14 and Fred 16 years old. It was certainly not meant that way, probably because they were too young to even know what they were doing.

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2. Joey Lawrence

Next in line is actor Joey Lawrence. Back in 1995, Hewitt and Joey were a very cute couple, but the relationship only lasted a few months before it broke up like the previous ones.

3. Will Friedle and Jennifer Love

 Jennifer Love’s Dating History, Her Past Boyfriends And Husbands
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Will and Hewitt are said to have had a relationship with each other between 1996 -1997 after they met on the set of the romantic comedy Boy Meets World.

4. Andrew Keegan

Keegan is an actor who became famous mainly through the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. He and Hewitt shared a very brief relationship while he was on the set as a guest on Party Of Five.

5. Carson Daly and Jennifer Love

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At that time, in 1998, Hewitt and Carson had a nice romance, but unfortunately, it ended quickly like the others.

6. Rich Cronin

In 1999 Jennifer Love gave her number to LFO boyband frontman Rich Cronin at an award ceremony. It soon turned out that the two were together and he even introduced her in the music video of the hit song “Girl on TV” before their romance ended in 2000.

7. Patrick Wilson

Another of her short-lived relationships was with the actor Patrick Wilson, with whom she was in love around 2001, but the next year it was over.

8. John Mayer

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Hewitt’s brief romance with singer John Mayer in 2002 will be forever remembered by him when he dedicated one of his hit songs “Your Body Is a Wonderland” to her.

9. Kip Pardue

In 2003, Kip Pardue briefly met with Hewitt and added yet another to the actress’s endless list of short love affairs.

10. Antonio Sabato Jr.

If one couple looked good together, it was definitely the photographer Antonio and Jennifer Love Hewitt. However, this was also not intended, as the couple separated after a short date in 2003.

11. Scott Austin 

In 2004, the ubiquitous eye of the media discovered that Hewitt and Austin were attending many events together. It didn’t take long to realize that they were a couple, but in 2005 it was history as usual.

12. Ross McCall

Another name on the list of ex-boyfriends of Jennifer Love Hewitt is the Scottish actor Ross McCall, who went so far as to ask the big question. Their engagement lasted 2 years until the relationship came to a bitter end in 2008.

13. Jamie Kennedy

For comedian Jamie Kennedy, who was with Hewitt in 2009, not everything was a smile, but in 2010 the paths parted. At this point, it had become very obvious that there was something the beautiful actress was looking for and didn’t seem to find, unfortunately, Kennedy wasn’t either.

14. Alex Beh and Jennifer Love

 Jennifer Love’s Dating History, Her Past Boyfriends And Husbands
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Between 2010 and 2011 the actor and director Alex Beh was together with Jennifer Love.

15. Jarod Einsohn

The actor Jarod Einsohn became Hewitt’s new husband in August 2011, but in April 2012 they were no longer together.

Jennifer Love Hookup Rumours

Aside from relationships that were crystal clear to the public, Jennifer Love is said to have had affairs with a host of other men, including many other men: Wilmer Valderrama, whom she claimed never dated, but Wilmer made it public in 1999 that something was going on between them, John Cusack, Enrique Iglesias, Paul Nicholls, Shaggy, Craig Bierko, Alec Baldwin, and Stephen Doff.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Husbands

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Although the actress is known for her many friends, when it comes to husbands she has only one, her co-star in the sitcom The Client List, Brian Hallisay.

The couple started in March 2012, and in June 2013 the actress announced that they are engaged and even expecting their first child. In 2013, they entered into a life-long bond, and in November of the same year, they welcomed their daughter in the fall. In 2015 the couple also announced that they would have their second child, a boy born in June and named Atticus.

Hewitt is currently enjoying their marriage, and hopefully, this will be their happiness forever.

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