Jenny Mccarthy Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Age and Other Facts

Jenny Mccarthy is a well-known American actress, screenwriter, anti-vaccination activist, and television presenter. On the flip side of adult entertainment, her nude shots for Playboy magazine earned her the “Playmate of the Year” award.

Jenny Mccarthy Biography, Age

The television presenter was born on November 1, 1972, in Evergreen Park Illinois, Chicago, United States of America, into a Roman Catholic Christian working-class family of six. She had three sisters named Lynette, Joanne, and Amy, while the popular and talented actress Melissa McCarthy is her cousin.

Her family has a trace of Irish, German, and Polish descent. Her father, Dan McCarthy, was a foreman in a steel mill, while her mother, Linda McCarthy, was a courtroom guard. Jenny and her siblings grew up in the West Elsdon district of Chicago under the aegis of their hard-working parents. She attended Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, which she graduated from before spending two years at Southern Illinois University. Due to a lack of funds to put her through college, she had to drop out of school and this was, in a way, the beginning of her career at Playboy Magazine.

Jenny Mccarthy Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Age and Other Facts
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Jenny Mccarthy Career

When Jenny Mccarthy left school and had nothing more to do, she got a modeling contract with the adult in 1993, which was rated in “Playboy Magazine”. She was offered an irresistible $20,000 to pose nude for the October 1993 issue of the magazine she accepted and she became Miss October 1993 and later “Playmate of the year” in 1994. Her appearance at x-rated magazine opened the doors to financial stability for her.

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Later, she began to pay more attention to other areas of entertainment, which led to her getting some roles on TV shows and some minor acting roles. She became co-host of several television shows, including the MTV game show “Singled Out”, the ABC talk show “The View” and “Dirty, Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy”.

She has subsequently had the opportunity to appear in sitcoms and movies such as Basketball, Scream 3, Santa Bay, Diamonds, Scary Movie 3, Jenny, and The Drew Carey Show. In all these appearances she did not neglect her career as a model, as she combined all these well-known sources of income to make ends meet.

Apart from her career as an actress and model, Jenny Mccarthy has a good head for writing. She is a writer and has published several books, including Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Birth, Baby Laughter, Louder Than Words, Mother Warrior, Bad Habits, Healing, and Prevention of Autism. As you can see, the titles of her books show another person with whom she is not easily associated. It’s easy to think that as a playboy model she wouldn’t have any ideas on the topic she wrote about, but the opposite is true because she is full of real-life experiences that others can learn from.

Family: Husband

Jenny Mccarthy’s path into family life as a married woman did not lead her directly to the man she is now married to. She had her own fair share of dates with a few boys who were at some point in her life.

First, she met a manager under whom she worked, named Ray Manzella, from whom she dated actor/director John Mallory Asher in 1998, to whom they became engaged in January of that year and later that year until September. Their marriage produced a son named Evan Joseph Asher. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2005, and Jenny continued her life and career just before love found her again.

Later that year she had a love affair with another actor – Jim Carrey – but kept the relationship secret until 2006. The two lovers lived together for some time until 2010 when they announced their separation.

Jenny Mccarthy Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Age and Other Facts
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After this second separation came Donnie Wahlberg, who fell truly in love with Jenny Mccarthy. They got engaged in April 2014 and married on August 31, 2014. Jenny is actually Donnie’s second wife. They have been living together ever since and there are no rumors of divorce or marital disputes that haunt them.

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Her Net Worth

Jenny Mccarthy earns a good sum of money with her successful acting and modeling career. Her net worth is estimated at around 15 million dollars.

Other Facts About Her

  • In her first modeling contract with “Playboy Magazine”, she was selected from around 10,000 applicants.
  • In the course of her modeling career, she has had an appearance at the WWF.
  • Her son was suspected at the time and there were rumors that he was autistic, but Jenny averted the rumors that claimed that she herself had made the revelation as a misrepresentation of facts and was only meant to draw attention to her.
  • She has publicly admitted that she uses Botox to improve her body and give her a youthful appearance.
  • Jenny also revealed that her breasts were surgically enlarged to improve her performance as a model.

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