Who Is Griffin Mcelroy? His Wife (Rachel), Age, Height

Griffin Mcelroy, a connoisseur of podcasts and former video game journalists, has proven that success can indeed be achieved when family members work together. He is best known for his work on the podcasts My Brother, My Brother, and Me and The Adventure Zone, which he hosts with his two older brothers Justin and Travis.

Griffin is also co-founder of the video game journalism website Polygon, which was launched in October 2012. In 2017, he was named one of the Forbes 30 out of 30 media luminaries.

Griffin Mcelroy Bio, Age

Mcelroy was born on 17 April 1987. His flair for journalism and podcasting began at a young age, thanks to his father’s profession. Griffin was born the son of Clint and Leslie Mcelroy. During his active years, his father co-hosted a morning radio show on the local radio station WTCR-FM, serving the Huntington, West Virginia area.

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Little or no verifiable information is known about his pre-college education. However, the podcaster attended Marshall University.

After graduating from the university, Griffin began his career in journalism. In 2007 he got a job as a weekend editor for the video game blog Joystiq. The following year, the journalist was recruited by MTV to cover his home state of West Virginia during the presidential election.

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Griffin Mcelroy decided to start his own video game journalism company, and to do so, he left Joystiq in 2012. He then teamed up with Christopher Grant and his brother Justin Mcelroy to form Polygon in the same year. Because of his obligations to the company, he eventually became the senior video producer of Polygon.

To build a truly unique platform, Griffin and his two co-founders enlisted the help of experienced leaders, including the editors-in-chief of Joystiq, Kotaku, and The Escapist. To differentiate themselves from other platforms within the gaming industry, Griffin and his team focused on creating long-form feature content and video content. They also focused more on writing about the stories of the people behind popular video games than the games themselves.

Griffin is credited with producing some of Polygon’s most successful video content, including the popular Monster Factory and Let’s Play series.

In April 2010, Griffin and his brothers launched and distributed their weekly comedy guide podcast, My Brother, My Brother, and Me. In January 2011, they partnered with Maximum Fun Network to distribute the podcast. The show has received largely positive reviews since its launch. In 2010 it was consistently in the top 10 iTunes comedy podcasts and received good reviews from critics such as David Anthony and Colin Griffith.

In 2016, a contract was signed with the NBC video streaming platform Seeso to produce a TV series adaptation of the podcast. The first season of the series premiered in February 2017. In June of the same year, the series was sold to Otter Media for distribution on VRV, their video streaming platform.

The Adventure Zone was originally an episode of the podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me, but was eventually made into a podcast in 2014. The podcast is hosted jointly by Griffin, his brothers, and their father, Clint Mcelroy. It is a bi-weekly podcast that features family role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and other popular games.

The veteran podcaster has also proven his ability to speak with his voice by working on a few animated television shows, including Clarence, Camp Camp, and Big City Greens. In 2018, Griffin and his brother Justin left Polygon, the company they co-founded, to spend more time with their podcasting ventures and family.

Griffin Mcelroy Wife (Rachel) and Kids

Who Is Griffin Mcelroy? His Wife (Rachel), Age, Height
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Griffin certainly understands the joys of having a wife with whom he can enjoy the triumphs of work and private life. He is married to Rachel Mcelroy since 2013. It is believed that Rachel has been waiting for Griffin for about 5 years, although her exact date of birth is not known.

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Rachel is an expert on scholarships. In June 2014 she joined Austin Community College as Resource Development Officer. In July 2018 she was promoted to Grant Development & Compliance Manager. She graduated from the University of Missouri, Colombia, in 2004 with a B.A. in English. In 2007, she graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Humanities. Rachel has also previously worked at The Missouri Review, Chigaco Review, Columbia College, United Way Capital Area, and other institutions.

Griffin has also hosted the podcast Wonderful! with his wife since 2017. The couple married on December 7, 2013, and have a son named Henry who was born sometime in 2016.

Height – How Tall is He? 

The size of the podcaster is not known exactly, but according to a few fan subtitles, he is taller than his brothers. Also, his height has been estimated at between 1.5m 10 inches and 1.6 feet 1 inch.

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