Jessica Lowe Wiki, Age, Bio, Body Measurements, Married, Husband

Jessica Lowe is an American actress, famous for her roles in Blended (2014), Wrecked (2016), and Bob’s Burgers (2011). But that is not all she is known for. Before she became so famous as an actress, she actually had a long career as a comedian and is also a writer.

Jessica Lowe Biography

Jessica Lowe was born on 21 February in Samoa, United States. She was raised by her parents and grew up in Albuquerque on a street with all the boys. Jessica Lowe was known for growing up wild. Because of her ethnic background, she is white, has blue eyes, dark brown hair, and has American citizenship.

In high school, she was a member of the National League, the debating club, and the Speech Honour Society. After graduating from high school, she studied at Northwestern University, where she graduated. While at the university, she directed and performed the Mee-Ow Show, a show that began at Northwestern University in 1974.

Jessica Lowe continued to join Groundings School and the Upright Citizens Brigade to develop her skills in the industry, and in 2009 she was given the opportunity to write and work as an actress for Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.

Jessica Lowe Wiki, Age, Bio, Body Measurements, Married, Husband
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Jessica Lowe’s Acting Career

Jessica Lowe made her career debut in 2014 when she played the role of “Ginger” in the movie Blended starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

She posted a short video on YouTube called “Drunk Yoga Instructions” that found many viewers and is said to have helped her get a shot at the “Blended” movie. She was also lucky to be in a short film called “Adult Situations”. When she was asked why she ended up in the “Blended” film, she said

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“I wanted to be a redhead so I could be less of a ditzy cheerleader type and more of a well-meaning dum-dum”.

Jessica also admitted to being a big fan of Adam Sandler.

“When we weren’t playing street hockey (on roller skates) as they did in Wayne’s World, we would sit around the house sweaty and disgusting watching Adam Sandler.

After that, she appeared in the TV series “College Humor Originals”, “Backseat Bitches” and “Man Seeking Woman”. In 2015, she was cast in the TV show “One Big Happy”. In 2017, she appeared in the comedy series “Wrecked”, which came back with a second season in June of this year after a successful first season.

Jessica Lowe’s Social Media

Jessica Lowe has an active Instagram and Twitter account with over 10,000 and 9,700 followers respectively. She posts many of her work-related items to her account, such as her recent recordings on the set of Wrecked.

She is said to be a very nice, friendly, and amazing person; it is said that she voluntarily re-enacts comedy sketches written by children to inspire and nurture her talent, creativity, and self-confidence.

Jessica Lowe – Body Measurements

The body measurements of Jessica Lowe are not publicly known, but from her photos and films, we can say that she has an incredible body. At present, she is 1.5 meters 6 inches tall, but given her age we expect this to increase over the years.

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Jessica Lowe’s Relationship Status – Married? Husband?

17-year-old Jessica Lowe has a reputation for keeping details of her personal and love life secret, so we only know what she often publishes in her social accounts about the relationship. It’s still unclear if she currently has anyone in her life Thanks to an interview it is known that she has been in a number of relationships in the past and also had some bad dates. of school and that is all we have heard about it.

Jessica occasionally publishes some pictures of her ex-boyfriends on her site. We know that she was once with a boy from her high school and that’s all we heard about it. Thanks to her very active social media lifestyle, there’s no doubt that we’ll know if she has someone in her life (unless she decides to take the private path that many celebrities seem to appreciate lately), but she’s currently single and she had made it clear that her career is all she thinks about right now.

Jessica Lowe Net Worth

The Net worth of Jessica Lowe is estimated at at least $850,000.

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