Karl Pilkington Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Net Worth, Height, Bio

Karl Pilkington is a television and radio presenter who became known as the producer of the Ricky Gervais Show. He is also a prolific writer, producer, comedian, and rebel actor. Here you will find most of what you want to know about the man.

Karl Pilkington Bio

The media personality was born on 23 September 1972 in the city of Manchester, England. He has not divulged details of his educational background but is said to have started his career as a journalist before moving to London to work for XFM, and after a few years as a program producer on the Ricky Gervais Show. This became a breakthrough for him when his career was officially launched and he received offers to host shows such as BBC 6 Music, shows with Russell Brand, and several others. He was also invited as a guest on The Culture Show and a number of others.

His debut film as an actor was The Invention of Lying in 2009, and he has also appeared in the films Cemetery Junction and Chingari, where he played smaller roles. His first TV show was on Flipside TV in 2003, followed by 3 Minute Wonder in 2006 and Comedy Lab and Extra in 2007. Between 2010 and 2012 he was on the Ricky Gervais show, An Idiot Abroad and Derek, which lasted until 2014. From 2013 he appeared in The Moaning of Life and is currently working on the 2018 show Sick of It.

Karl Pilkington Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Net Worth, Height, Bio
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Karl Pilkington’s Net Worth

The popular radio and television star has collected a considerable amount of money for himself over the years. He is also known for having several sources of income, including his acting, writing, and moderating. Therefore, he is said to earn $300,000 per year and have a net worth of approximately $3.5 million.

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Apart from accumulating wealth, Karl is also known as a lover of charity work, and in 2014 he showed his support by designing and signing, along with other celebrities, a card for a UK-based charity called the Thomas Coram Foundation for Children. The cards were later auctioned on eBay and the proceeds were given to the charity.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is Karl Married?

Karl is not married yet, but he has a long-time girlfriend called Suzanne Whiston, with whom he has been dating since his early days at a radio station in Manchester City around the 1990s. The couple is said to have a sweet relationship, which is reflected in the joke they told in a podcast about Suzanne lending Karl 20 pence to buy hot chocolate and even buying him a cup when he helped her with office work.

The couple is said to be avoiding publicity, so they are rarely seen together in public, and it is rumored that they have stuck together for so long because Suzanne has so far been able to put up with the escapades of the presenter, who unlike her is always in the limelight professionally.

Karl Pilkington Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Net Worth, Height, Bio

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Karl Pilkington Brother

It is known that the TV star has a notorious brother named Mark, who is said to be about 10 years older than him, but he is commonly referred to as the black sheep in the family. Mark was once an army officer, but because of his misconduct, he was dismissed.

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Karl also revealed that he didn’t spend pleasant childhood days with his brother, as he recalls a heartbreaking incident on a certain Christmas day when Mark destroyed his new train and he got a Christmas phobia as a result. Mark was also notorious for bringing ladies home to their parents when their parents were traveling and he offered his younger brother certain treats to keep his mouth shut. Mark is no stranger to prison either because Karl made a joke about him on the air that he didn’t have a nickname because he didn’t stay in prison long enough to get one.

Height – How Tall Is Karl?

The presenter and actor has a gallant height of about 183 cm (6 ft 1 inch) and carries his average weight of 181 pounds or 82 kg perfectly.

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