Matt Shultz Bio, Wife, Height, Age, Facts About The American Singer

Nothing is as rewarding as staying true to your dreams and aspirations; there is only one way to pay off in the long run. This is the story of many people we celebrate now; they have become our celebrities and public figures because they dared to pursue their dreams and never gave up, even in the face of various oppositions and challenges. This is also the story of Matt Shultz, one of the best singers, songwriters, lead singers, and sometimes guitarist of the American rock band “Cage the Elephant”.

Before emerging as one of America’s best rock band lead singers, Matt did several odd jobs to survive, and here is his story.

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Matt Shultz Bio, Age

Matthew Ray Shultz was born on October 23, 1983, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where the musician and his older brother grew up in the Bowling Green district of Kentucky. His father Brad Sr. was also a musician. His parents separated when he was very young and his mother dated his soccer coach, which is why Matt Shultz left the team.

Matt Shultz Bio, Wife, Height, Age, Facts About The American Singer
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Shultz comes from a poor home. He and his older brother were sometimes teased by other children in their neighborhood and at school because they called them “poor boys. Matt recalls in an interview how his father, a truck driver, gave them clothes from older cousins and cousins that they wore to school, and how the kids at school, when they called “poor boy” in their ears, responded by singing, “People who talk shit, they can kiss the back of my hand. These experiences would later become an inspiration for the debut song of his future band.

After high school, Matt did several odd jobs, from plumbing to working in a sandwich bar to telemarketing, all in an effort to make a living. After working as a plumber for some time, he said he felt that if he didn’t quit that job in the next minute, he would be stuck with it for the rest of his life, so he left it and took another job as a telemarketer. After a while in his new job, he just felt it was time for him to take the bull by the horns and pursue his dream.

Matt Shultz Music Career

Shultz gathered some high school friends, along with his older brother, and together they formed the band Cage The Elephant in 2006. This was not the first time they were in a band group. In high school, they were all active in the band “Perfect Confusion” and even released a self-titled LP in 2005. Apart from that Matt Shultz was also in an experimental punk band called “Left Nostril” in high school.

The group adopted the name Cage The Elephant as their band name after an incident in 2006. According to Matt Shultz, a mentally retarded man approached the band after a show hugged him, and kept repeating the phrase “You have to lock the elephant up”.

After their impressive performance at the 2007 “South by Southwest” music festival, the band signed a contract with Relentless Records. Before their first album was released in 2008, they moved to London, England, and between 2008 and 2015 the band released four studio albums. Their first album, Cage the Elephant, was a combination of funk, classic rock, and blues music.

Matt Shultz Bio, Wife, Height, Age, Facts About The American Singer
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Their second album Thank You, Happy Birthday, which was released three years later (2011), had more of a punk rock character. Their third album, Melophobia (2013), which resulted from the team’s joint effort to find a musical identity for themselves, earned them a Grammy Award nomination for Best Album for Alternative Music in 2015. Their fourth studio album Tell Me I’m Pretty was released in December 2015 and earned them a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Their latest album is a live album called Unpeeled, which was released in July 2017.

The band currently consists of his brother Brad Shultz, who is the lead guitarist, Nick Bockrath (guitarist), Daniel Tichenor (bassist/backing vocals), Jared Champion (drums), Matthan Minster (keyboards). Matt Shultz is both the lead singer and rhythm guitarist.

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His Wife

Shultz is married to the French model and actress Juliette Buchs. The couple got married in 2014 in a civil ceremony in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and later celebrated their wedding with friends and family in Buchs’ hometown Rennes in Brittany in August and in October of the same year in the USA. Although there are reports that the couple has been separated for a long time, we have not yet confirmed the rumors at this time.

Height and Other Facts About The American Singer 

  • His birth sign is Virgo.
  • Matt Shultz is also famous for cross-dressing and stage diving.
  • Information about the size of the singer is not yet confirmed.
  • Cage the Elephant was originally called Perfect Confusion.
  • The band’s second album Thank You, Happy Birthday was inspired by something the artist Daniel Johnston said to them after a festival performance

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