Nayyera Haq Bio, Husband, Age, Wiki, Parents, Family

Nayyera Haq is a political analyst and commentator who is very vocal about policies and programs that affect her race, social and national welfare, and religion. She is committed to protecting the interests of the common man in the street and is not afraid to denounce any policies that have a detrimental effect on herself and those she believes are being unreasonably oppressed.

Nayyera is also a former senior government official and has served as an advisor to very senior government officials, including several senior congressional officials. She has also been the “face and mouthpiece” of several government agencies and acted as a bridge between these agencies and the general public. Nayyera works as an on-air personality for a worldwide broadcast network and has appeared on several television programs due to her extensive knowledge of government policies and programs. Here are other interesting facts about Nayyera

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Nayyera Haq – Bio/Wiki (Age) 

Nayyera Haq was born on October 1, 1981. She grew up in Staten Island, in the southwestern part of New York City. She attended the University of Michigan, where she earned a degree in history. Dissatisfied with her academic pursuits and still driven by the values her parents had instilled in her from childhood, Haq decided to further her education by earning a master’s degree in law and journalism at the prestigious Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC.

Nayyera Haq – Bio, Husband, Age, Wiki, Parents, Family
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Nayyera Haq’s career began in the early 2000s when she worked as a media consultant for Nancy Pelosi, a democratic leader at the time. She also worked with other congressmen and gained much experience during her time there. In 2006, she was appointed a national spokesperson for the Children’s Defence Fund. As she continued to grow in her political career, Nayyera became Senior Director of Cabinet Affairs at the White House.

She was the communications director of the presidential campaign of Barrack Obama – who was a senator at the time and campaigned for the election of the President of the United States. After Obama won the elections, she was appointed as the senior director in the US White House. Nayyera Haq also served as spokesperson and executive director for the State Department and the Treasury Department.

A hater of discrimination and segregation, Nayyera Haq founded the Avicenna Strategy, a company that seeks to promote the coexistence of different cultures and races. Indeed, the world looks forward to greater heroics and achievements by Nayyera Haq.

Family – Parents, Siblings

Nayyera Haq was born to Pakistani parents who had immigrated to the United States. From an early age, they taught her parents that she must work twice as hard to get half of what other privileged people have. This was born from their experience and the realities of their time. Haq has therefore learned to invest twice as much work to rise to the enviable positions she has held in the past and present.

Her parents are both Muslims. She was born and raised in the Islamic religion, which she adopted from childhood. Nayyera has not divulged any other information about her family – such as the names of her parents, her siblings – and other information about her early childhood experiences, if she has any.

Personal Life – Husband, Kids

Nayyera Haq – Bio, Husband, Age, Wiki, Parents, Family
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Nayyera is happily married to her African-American, Muslim husband, who, she revealed, is a veterinarian. She did not reveal any information about the exact day of their marriage or her husband’s name; she also did not reveal where they met or what the attraction between them was. She did, however, reveal that her husband is from Oakland in the United States and that he grew up with snake breeding and worked on a farm when he was not in school.

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Her husband graduated from Tuskegee University in Alabama in the United States. His parents, she also mentioned, were not originally Muslim, but they converted to Islam in the days of Mohammed Ali’s conversion and that of Malcolm X. The couple greeted their first child, a son named Idris, in November 2016. Young Idris is very often seen in the various posts and pictures of his mother on social media.

Other Interesting Facts About Nayyera Haq

  • She is 1.63 meters (5 feet and 4 inches) tall and weighs about 56 kg (123 lb) with glossy black hair and eyes.
  • She loves diving, a hobby she says brings her peace and quiet.
  • Nayyera Haq is a sharp critic of President Donald Trump. In her opinion, his government hates blacks, immigrants, and Muslims – which is also reflected in the policies of his government.

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