Norma Kuhling Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About The Actress

Norma Kuhling is a prolific American star who is best known for her first-class acting skills. Throughout her career, Norma Kuhling has appeared in television series more than anything else. The American actress has received praise from all corners and from fans and critics alike for her remarkable performances of many of her roles on television and on the big screen.

The actress has not been in the business long, but she has already proven that the success of her contemporaries does not undo her. Kuhling made her debut in 2009 and is already proving why she is staying with her appearance in some popular TV series such as Chicago Med, where she played the character of Ava Bekker.

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Norma Kuhling – Bio (Age)

The story of the American actress begins in one of the entertainment centers of the USA – New York. Norma was born on December 4, 1991. During her adolescence, she had close influences in the entertainment industry, which inspired her desire to turn her dreams into a career.

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At a young age, she began to participate in auditions for her first acting role. Soon she was rewarded with her first performance. Kuhling performed in Moonchildren at the Berkshire Theatre Festival. The script for the play was developed by the playwright Michael Weller. This was her way into the world of stage production, as she later got roles in several other plays.

Realizing that she needed to sharpen her acting skills, Norma Kuhling enrolled at the legendary Double Edge Theatre. This was her first acting school where she learned the basics of acting. After her time here she attended the renowned London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) from 2012 to 2014.

Norma Kuhling Family

Norma Kuhling’s family was both her earliest influence and her greatest supporters. Kuhling learned firsthand from her parents what it means to work in entertainment.

Her father Michael Kuhling is an art lover and earns his living as an art director. In 1992 he got the job to work as assistant art director on the set of the film Lorenzo’s Oil. Norma’s mother, Kristi Zea, is higher on the entertainment ladder than her father.

Kristi works as a producer, director, production and costume designer, author, and actress. Projects she has been involved in include Goodfellas (1990), As Good As It Gets (1997), The Departed (2006), The Joneses (2009), Tower Heights, The Intern (2015), Salamander (2017), New Amsterdam (2018) and Notes from the Field (2018). Norma’s mother was also part of the crew of Lorenzo’s Oil as a production designer and was the producer of Norma’s debut film The Joneses.

Norma Kuhling Television and Movie Credits

Before her time in London Norma Kuhling had already appeared in her first film. She had played the role of Beth in the comedy-drama of 2009, The Joneses. The film paved the way for more possibilities for her. After finishing LAMDA, she joined the cast of the romantic drama Fallen in 2016. She played the supporting role of the character known as Rachel.

The largely positive reception and commercial success of the film earned Norma her next appearance with Falling Water that same year. In the series, she appeared in two episodes as Elise Martins.

Norma Kuhling – Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About The Actress
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The following year she had her biggest role to date in the medical drama series of NBC, Chicago Med. In the second season of the series, she played the role of Dr. Ava Bekker, a trauma surgeon from South Africa. She joined the series in a recurring role in the second season and has been a regular customer since the third season. This film has done much to increase her reputation in the industry. Her time with the series ended in April 2019 with the announcement by NBC that she would leave the series at the end of season four.

She also appeared as Ava Bekker on Chicago Med’s sister television series, Chicago Fire, in 2018. In 2019 Norma Kuhling appeared in a leading role as Jo Mitchel in Dan Sallitt’s independent drama film Fourteen.

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Other Interesting Facts About The Actress

1. Norma is a Model

Norma Kuhling’s talents do not end with acting; she also knows how to operate a runway and pose for the camera. In the course of her acting career, the model has also taken time out to model for a number of well-known fashion brands and decorate the covers of magazines and online publications. Some of them are The Hollywood Reporter, TV Guide Magazine and the International Business Times.

2. She Has an Ear for Music and a Talent for Dance

Thanks to the encouragement of her parents, Norma has trained as a musician and dancer since her youth. As she grew up, the actress cum model took singing lessons and also learned to play the piano for classical music.

As for her dancing skills, she was a ballet dancer for a time and was also familiar with the Dunham technique – a dance style developed by the famous African-American choreographer Katherine Dunham.

3. She Got Married in 2015

Norma Kuhling loves to play with her friends and family, and her Instagram page is proof of how carefree she is in this regard. This has often led to some of her followers taking over her relationship status with many of her male friends.

However, Norma Kuhling is happily married to a British man whom she referred to as “James Sherlock Bond” on her Instagram in November 2018. It is believed that she met him in London while she was enrolled at LAMDA.

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