Omar Borkan Al Gala Married, Wife, Brother, Family, Net Worth, Wiki

In 2013, a man was found too good-looking to succeed in Saudi Arabia, so he was sent out of the kingdom along with two other men. The man is Omar Borkan Al Gala. He is a poet, actor, model, photographer, and thanks to his charisma, which is too sexy for Saudi Arabia, he has also become a social media sensation.

Omar Borkan Al Gala – Early Life Brother, Family

Omar Borkan Al Gala was born in Baghdad, Iraq, on 23 September 1989. He grew up in Dubai after his family moved there when he was a child. He grew up alongside his younger brother, Ain Borkan Al Gala.

The Iraq-born sensation, who became famous for his looks, received his education at the Abu Obaida Ahjarah Public School in Dubai. From here he went to Vancouver to try to continue his acting and modeling activities.

Professionally, he has had many successes, including appearing in a short film alongside the popular American-Iranian actor Navid Negahban. When he was 18 years old, he decided to pursue a career as a model. Over the years he graced the front page of many magazines and became a kind of fashion authority in Asia.

Omar Borkan Al Gala Married, Wife, Brother, Family, Net Worth, Wiki
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What made him more famous than the things he likes is the report that he was expelled from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of his looks. However, it was later made clear that he was indeed expelled from a religious cultural festival where it was said that he could be a distraction for the women at the event. This happened after some women saw him and asked for an autograph, and soon the number of female admirers grew too much. There are some reports that insist that the whole incident was false since he only did this to gain fame.

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If he actually did it for the sake of fame, then it worked quite well for him, because it helped him to get a lot of offers in different areas, including photo shootings, acting, modeling, and much more. He has a huge fan base in social media with a Facebook page that has over 2 million likes and over a million followers on Instagram.

Omar Borkan Al Gala Net Worth

Since his alleged expulsion from the festival from Saudi Arabia because of his shattered appearance, Omar Borkan Al Gala has brought not only fame but also wealth. It has helped him start out as a model, just as it has helped him find a path in his acting career.

Although there are some sources that claim he has a net worth of $10 million, this is hard to verify. Nonetheless, he owns many possessions, including a Mercedes G55, which he claimed was given to him on his birthday by a woman he didn’t know. He revealed that the car had just been brought to him and he was asked to sign for it and receive it. The car was valued at nearly £70,000.

He also has a sponsorship contract with Samsung. Although the exact value of the deal is not known, he was involved in promoting the company’s Galaxy S series and Galaxy Camera 2.

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Married, Wife

No, the man is no longer free to take, since he is already married to a woman he called his own queen. His wife is Yasmin Oweidah, with whom he entered into the Covenant for Life in October 2015. Just like her husband, Yasmin is a very beautiful woman who is interested in fashion design and studied at the French fashion university ESMOD in Dubai.

Omar and Yasmin Oweidah, who comes from Jordan, are said to have been together for a long time before they finally decided to make it official.

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Yasmin Oweidah and Omar gave birth to their first child in 2016, a boy, Diyab Borkan, who is as cute as his parents. The family now lives in Canada, and they are very popular on social media, where they never fail to express their love for each other.

Body Measurements

With his very tempting looks, Omar Borkan Al Gala also has a good bodybuild that makes it easy for him to be successful as a model. He is 1.93 m (6 feet 4 inches) tall and weighs 78 kg.

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