Gianluca Vacchi Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height

When it comes to celebrities in social media, we usually only find young people who are probably in their 20s and 30s, but hardly ever in their 40s and 50s. With the Italian millionaire, DJ, and entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, who passed the 50s mark, this theory does not apply. He is famous for his dance steps on Instagram, among other things, as well as for his tattoos, his vibrations, and his lack of fear of adventure.

Gianluca Vacchi Biography and Age

Gianluca Vacchi, who is described as Grandpa Playboy, was born in Bologna, Italy, on 5 August 1967 as the son of an entrepreneurial family. This was also what drew him into the entrepreneurial world. His father is President and CEO of Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A. (IMA). The company is engaged in the design and manufacture of automatic machines needed for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products as well as food, coffee, cosmetics, and other items.

Although it is not known how he grew up, it is known that he learned to play the piano from his Argentinean grandmother when he was 7 years old. His mother also played this instrument, and this made him love music enough to return to it even when he was old enough.

Gianluca Vacchi Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height
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Vacchi received his education at the University Studiorum in Bologna, where he obtained a degree in business and economics. When he was 25 years old, he joined his family business, in which he soon became involved and which he restructured. Even before he was 30 years old, Vacchi decided to become involved in shareholding and the purchase and sale of various companies. This was what would soon make him a very rich man.

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As an entrepreneur and financier he is, among other things, President of SEA Società Europea Autocaravan S.p.A. and non-executive director of I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche SpA (IMA). Before retiring at the age of 45, he was also Financial Director of Vacchi Finanziaria Vacchi S.p.A.

At the age of 48, Gianluca Vacchi decided to conquer social media with his movements and images. He described himself as a global entertainer and celebrity and said he didn’t think he was too old to do what he was doing. What put him in the spotlight was a video of him and his then partner Giorgia Gabriele dancing to a song by Ricky Martin while on vacation. Soon the video went viral, and that’s how he stormed Instagram.

Now he takes the time to post various videos of himself, how he dances or exercises, or his pictures on Instagram to his more than 11 million followers. He has also released a number of singles, including one called Trump-It, which seemed to show more of his DJing skills than anything else. He started djing at the age of 49, which helped him become known as Grandpa Playboy.

Gianluca Vacchi Wife and Girlfriend

A nice-looking man with all this wealth and full of fun. It is quite surprising that Gianluca Vacchi has no wife because he is not married yet. However, he has arranged to meet the Italian role model Giorgia Gabriele. The two dated from 2014 to 2017, when the relationship ended.

Gianluca Vacchi Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height
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The two met in 2010 and remained friends until she became his girlfriend 4 years later.

Net Worth

With silvery hair, Gianluca Vacchi definitely lives what many can only call the golden life. Most of the pictures he shows on social media are just testimonies of his luxurious life, which is characterized by private jets, private yachts, and many other things that money can buy.

Grandpa Playboy’s net worth is estimated at 350 to around 450 million dollars. And no, he has not earned his wealth through social media. Instead, a large part of his wealth came from his family business.

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His family is said to own many companies and shares of the Ima Group. Nevertheless, an Italian news medium reported that in 2017 his yacht and other possessions including shares were confiscated by the bank after he was unable to repay a debt. The loan was valued at 10.5 million euros (9.5 million pounds). However, this did not seem to slow down the social media entertainer, as he is still showing off his wealth and dancing as if he had no problems at all. As he pointed out, he is no longer interested in making money, but only moves with things that satisfy his curiosity.

Height, Body Stats

The grandpa Playboy has a size of 5’8″ (172,5cm) and weighs 165 – 175lbs (74,8 – 79,4kg). His age is no obstacle to his appearance and his ability to show some great moves.

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