Redmercy Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Where is He From?
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Hollywood is certainly not a place for everyone. Despite the nighttime fame and fortune that the entertainment industry brings, many young stars of this generation seem to feel much more comfortable with their video games than playing characters on camera. We have not counted the number of young people who became Internet icons overnight by turning their love of video games into a business, especially on platforms like YouTube. In the case of Redmercy, he developed a strong passion for playing video games at the age of three. Today, in addition to being an avid video game lover, he is also a content creator and gameplay commentator who enjoys a large following on his social media sites because he is exceptional.

As someone who knows more about his gaming tools than he does about the camera, it’s not surprising that there is little information available online about this influential gamer. Nevertheless, we promise to publish information about his biography, his background, his real name, his relationship status, and much more. Read on!

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Redmercy Bio – Age, Real Name, Where is He From?

Although the YouTuber is known professionally as Redmercy, this is not the name on his birth certificate. The name he has on his birth certificate is Dmitry Garanin, which is the name his parents gave him after he was born on June 9, 1991. At the moment the player has to reveal details about his parents, siblings, childhood experiences, and educational background.

Redmercy – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Where is He From?
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Redmercy comes from Omsk in Russia. According to reports, the YouTuber was born in the city, although he currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from where he runs and manages his online career. The player allegedly left Omsk for Toronto with his family at the age of five. While it is true that nobody knows the year when Dmitry started his career, it seems that he has come a long way in the gambling industry.

Unlike most YouTubers with different interests, the Russian-born sensation is mainly focused on the video game League of Legends. The gameplay commentator began to take an interest in the video game after being strongly inspired by a YouTuber colleague named HuskyStarcraft. Currently, his channel features virtually all of his projects, including “100 Ways to Die in League of Legends,” which stands out as his most notable League of Legends video.

Dmitry is also friends with some popular YouTubers. His friendship with some of his co-stars has helped him, as many believe, to improve his craft and also to gain some followers. In Redmercy’s Friends & Partners section on his front page, you can find the YouTube channel of his League of Legends co-star, UberDanger (nee Jonathan Benlolo). Jonathan was born on April 29, 1996, and is one of the most respected League of Legends players. His channel, UberDanger, has won thousands of subscribers.

Does Redmercy Have A Girlfriend?

The Omsk-born sensation who has collected more than 700,000 subscribers on his channel could possibly be single or in a secret relationship with someone. After thorough research, we couldn’t find any information about his love life, and the fact that he kept his private life secret wasn’t really helpful. In view of this, it is impossible to say exactly whether he is currently with someone or whether he has had romantic relationships with women in the past.

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Other Facts About The YouTuber

1. In addition to YouTube, Redmercy is also taking his craft to other social media platforms such as Twitch, where he is broadcasting live League of Legends gameplay with his colleague YouTuber Boxbox (born Albert Sun Zheng). Their videos typically attract thousands of viewers and positive feedback from players and critics.

2. The YouTuber is also active in social media such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

3. Dmitry is not only talented and creative, but he also has good looks, which could be the main reason why he has many female fans. For some reason, information about his body measurements is not readily available to the public at the time of writing this article. But according to his pictures, the YouTuber looks fit and healthy. He is blessed with a pair of bright blue eyes and brown hair.

4. Although most of its content is related to the League of Legends game, Redmercy also uploads tutorials, tutorials, fun moments, and other interesting content to its channel.