Robert Hawking Wiki, Bio, Son of Stephen Hawking, Parents, Family, Wife
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Robert Hawking was born in the United Kingdom in May 1967 to honor the award-winning physicist and author (Stephen and Jane Wilde Hawking).

After his parents divorced in 1995, he spent more time with his father because of his father’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which left him paralyzed and only able to use his cheek muscle.

Robert Hawking Bio

Growing up, Robert had seen his father’s health deteriorate due to Lou Gehrig’s disease, a form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). His mother said in an interview that he had to do things that children really don’t have to do and that he had to support his father and take care of him.

His father (Stephen) said he was the only child among the three children who showed interest in science. He thought he would become a scientist like his father, but he studied software engineering in college and currently works as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Robert Hawking Wiki, Bio, Son of Stephen Hawking, Parents, Family, Wife
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Despite his British citizenship, he lives and works in Seattle in the United States. He also lived in Canada before he took the job at Microsoft.

Robert said he considered engineering his vocation, although he has an interest in science.

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His Children

Robert has a son and a daughter, but unlike his father, who is a public figure, Robert has always kept away from the media and the public. He enjoys his privacy, which seems to have had a positive effect on him so far.

Robert Hawking Parents, Family, and Wife

Born as the oldest son of the famous physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking and the writer Jane Wilde Hawking. His father Stephen Hawking is known for his work on hypothetical material and cosmology, while Jane Hawking is an award-winning author.

She is known for her book “Making a Journey into Infinity”: My Life with Stephen. His mother and father married in 1965 and divorced in 1995.

Robert is the eldest son of the three children of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde Hawking, and he still shares a very warm relationship with his father and mother (Jane Hawking).

He also has a good relationship with his siblings. His younger sister Lucy, who works as a journalist, has written novels in collaboration with her father and Christophe Galfard to write children’s books: George’s secret key to the universe.

She is also a French and Russian examiner at Oxford University. His brother (Timothy) went to Exter University and studied Spanish. He is 37 years old and a big Formula 1 fan.

His mother (Jane Hawking) also confirmed that she always visits her son in Washington to see her grandchildren. He is very fond of his father and always visits him.

Robert Hawking Wiki, Bio, Son of Stephen Hawking, Parents, Family, Wife
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The Hawking family is quite united, and they have always stood by their father and each other. It was said that all three brothers and sisters came together and accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014, a campaign that was created to raise awareness and support people suffering from the disease.

Even though Timothy Hawking is their half-brother, they still consider him a true Hawking family member. Timothy’s father is Jonathan Hellyer Jones, who happens to be a musician whom her mother married after her divorce from Dr. Stephen in 1995.

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All three have never concealed the fact that they love their father with all their heart. Some time ago they expressed concern about their father’s second marriage to nurse Elaine Mason, whom their father married in 1995 after their divorce from Jane.

They noticed wounds on their father’s body (Stephen), they noticed a broken wrist and pointed out that Elaine might be behind these incidents, but Dr. Stephen denied this. The family never fully agreed to the marriage, saying that she was a gold-digger and had married him just for his money, which prompted her absence from the wedding in 1995.

However, Mason had a very rough relationship and connection with the rest of the family. In 2006, Dr. Stephen and Mason separated.

Robert Hawking is married and has two children, a boy and a girl in Seattle, Washington, USA. He enjoys spending time with his children, he is a devoted family man.