Jim Morrison Bio, Height, Wife, Children, Girlfriend, Father, Cause of Death

So many years have passed, and yet Jim Morrison is still vividly remembered. Although he did not have the chance of a long life, he made a name for himself in the short time he spent on earth. He was a singer, songwriter, and poet whose personality and achievements made him one of the most famous lead singers in the history of rock music.

In 1965 Jim formed a rock band called The Doors with his friend Ray Manzarek. Two years after the band was formed, they didn’t make waves until the single “Light My Fire” was released. The group continued to make other big hits like “Break On Through (To the Other Side)”, “The End”, “Moonlight Drive”, “People Are Strange”, “Hello, I Love You”, “Roadhouse Blues”, “L.A. Woman” and “Riders on the Storm”.

In the 60’s he consumed a lot of alcohol and became so addicted that he performed below average on stage. He got so high on stage with alcohol and muttered his lyrics so much to the consternation of his teeming fans. Jim never got away from it until his death.

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Morrison has received many posthumous accolades, including 47th place on the Rolling Stone list of the “100 greatest singers of all time”. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 and was ranked 22nd on Classic Rock magazine’s list of “50 Greatest Singers in Rock.

Jim Morrison – Bio, Height, Wife, Children, Girlfriend, Father, Cause of Death
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Jim Morrison Early Life and Background Details

Jim was born James Douglas Morrison on December 8, 1943, in Melbourne, Florida. Although Jim once declared himself an only child (under the influence of alcohol, of course), it is on record that he had two siblings. Anne Robin is Jim’s younger sister, born in 1947 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Andrew Lee Morrison is his younger brother, who was born in 1948 in Los Altos, California.

Jim Morrison moved from place to place during his educational life, mainly because of his father’s military involvement. He completed his third grade at Fairfax County Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia, before moving to Kingsville, Texas, where he attended Charles H. Flato Elementary School. He attended two other schools before graduating sixth grade at Longfellow School, San Diego, California.

He began high school at Alameda High School in Alameda, California, and graduated from George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia. After graduating high school, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of California, Los Angeles. There he graduated from the drama department of the College of Fine Arts in 1965.

Father, Wife or Girlfriend, and Children

His father was Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison. He led the United States Naval Forces during the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This informed the United States of its involvement in the Vietnam War in 1965. He was a war hero. As part of the recognition for his selfless service to the United States, he was awarded many medals and insignia, including the United Nations Service Medal, Navy Distinguished Service Medal, American Defense Service Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and many more.

Jim Morrison has been known to be involved in several sexual and romantic relationships throughout his career. The list of ladies he has been involved with included Pamela Des Barres, Nico, the singer of Velvet Underground, Grace Slick, Gloria Stavers, and Janis Joplin.

In the midst of all his affairs, he still had a long-time girlfriend, Pamela Courson. Most people who were close to Jim described the relationship as very charged and intense. They met in college, and she was there for him, even until his death. Although they never married, she added her last name, Morrison. Ray Manzarek, a band member, called her “Jim’s other half.

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Officially Jim Morrison had no children. It is possible, however, that some of the women he philanthropized gave birth to children for him. The suspicion is related to the number of paternity suits filed against him after his death.

Cause of Death

Jim Morrison – Bio, Height, Wife, Children, Girlfriend, Father, Cause of Death
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Jim died on July 3, 1971. He was just 27 years old when he died. He was found dead in a bathtub by his girlfriend Pamela Courson. Although no autopsy was performed, he was believed to have died of heart failure. Jim had been a chronic alcoholic and had lost weight. Probably he had damaged his heart by excessive alcohol consumption.

Jim Morrison Height

He had a very large body and stood at 1.8 meters. This probably contributed to the fact that most ladies wanted him and helped his career as a musician in equal measure.

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