Tara Strong Biography, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts

It is said that everyone has talent because for Tara Strong her talent lies in her vocal cords. Not as a singer, but as a life bringer of animated art. Tara has lent her voice to bring characters to life in various animations like Rugrats, Drawn Together, The Fairly OddParents, Ben 10, and many more. She is the voice of Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls, Ben Tennyson in Ben 10, Raven in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!

Tara Strong Biography

Tara-Lyn Strong (née Charendoff) was born on February 12, 1973, the daughter of Syd and Lucy Charendoff. Her parents lived in Russia until they were forced to emigrate to Canada to escape the anti-Jewish movement of the Russian Empire. In Canada, they settled in Toronto and raised Tara and her sister Marla.

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She developed an interest in acting at a young age and therefore volunteered as a soloist for her school performance. Even though she was not familiar with the Yiddish language, this did not prevent her from working with Yiddish theater and learning her text phonetically by heart. Since she did not give in, Tara continued to perform with the Toronto Jewish Theater, where she played a role in A Night of Stars and was heard on tape with the Habonim Youth Choir for “Lay Down Your Arms”, where she sang her texts in both English and Hebrew.

Tara Strong Biography, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts
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At the age of 13, Tara had her first professional role as Gracie in the production of The Music Man at the Limelight Theater. She also had a guest role in the action series T and T. Later, Tara Strong became known for her work in cartoons and animated films. She played her first major cartoon role in Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater in the title role. She also had an appearance on a live-action television show, Mosquito Lake. Tara, who wanted to hone her craft, decided to take improvisation classes at The Second City in Toronto while continuing to play roles in both cartoon and live-action movies and shows. She finally moved to Los Angeles in January 1994.

The actress has won several awards for her work as the voice of several cartoon characters, including leading roles in Fillmore! as the main character – Ingrid Dritte, The Fairly OddParents as Timmy Turner, and as Dil Pickles in Rugrats and All Grown Up.

Net Worth

Tara has appeared in over 20 major films, shows, and video games and has been in the entertainment industry since 1987. Her current estimated net worth of $10 million reflects her success in her chosen career. Given the many acting roles she has pending and her business interests, it is expected that her number will soon increase.

Five Interesting Facts about Tara Strong

1. She’s An Inventor

Tara Strong and her husband, Craig Strong, invented and patented a series of baby bottles with closures that allow the user to note the calendar date for storing breast milk. Her entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there, she and her husband also run an Internet-based company called VoiceStarz that teaches people how to get into the voice-over artist business.

2. She’s Charitable

It is easy for celebrities and successful people to get so caught up in their fame and success that they forget to give something back, but not Tara Strong. She was involved in a charity group called Bronies for Good, where she used her influence to raise funds for a family with a daughter who had a brain tumor.

3. She Was Once Neve Campbell’s Roommate

Tara Strong Biography, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts

How many people can say that they were once roommates of a celebrity? Even though Tara herself is a celebrity, it is still a cool treat to share. Tara once shared a room with Neve Campbell, who is best known for her role in the Scream franchise.

Surprisingly, both auditioned for the role of Julia in Party of Five, a 1990s television show; the role went to Neve Campbell. However, Tara appeared in one episode during the run of the series.

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4. Nominated For The Annie Award

She has been nominated five times for the Annie Awards, an award created in 1972 to honor outstanding achievements in the field of animation in film and television. The “Behind the Voice Actors” website has also nominated Tara Strong three times for the dubbing nomination for 2011, 2012, and 2013.

5. She Started Acting At The Age Of Four

Very few people can say that at the age of four they knew what they wanted to become and went through with it. Fewer people can say that they knew, started at that age, and carried it through to adulthood.

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