Taye Diggs Wife, Son, Divorce, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Is He Gay?

He is not only popular because of his extraordinary film roles, but he is also a singer whose enchanting voice has softened the hardest hearts. He is none other than Taye Diggs, the black American who makes waves in the entertainment industry.

Taye, whose name is derived from the nickname Scotty as “Scott-Taye”, was born on January 2, 1971, in Newark, New Jersey. He is one of the black celebrities with the most difficult childhood among white children. In interviews, he remembers how he was called all kinds of names by his peers, which caused him complex problems. He is dark and handsome, but the latter trait was never appreciated by his friends.

For Diggs, it may have been a matter of talent, but that talent was greatly enhanced by the kind of institutions he went through. He began as a student at a performing arts college. A complexly managed Diggs soon grew to trust the school as he moved from places to places where he made many artistic performances. After art school, he went to the University of Syracuse, where he earned a BFA in music theatre and began his professional career.

Digg’s story will not be complete without mentioning his personal life, which was a point of attraction. Many know about the actor and singer, but little about his family.

Taye Diggs Wife, Son, Divorce, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Is He Gay?
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Taye Diggs’ Wife, Son, Divorce

A platonic friendship between two colleagues soon turned into a sweet romance. Taye Diggs and singer Idina Menzel took their love to the next level when they married in 2003 and became a seductive couple in the entertainment industry. Their lovely union produced a son Walker Nathaniel Diggs.

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Taye met Idina in 1995 on the set of the Broadway musical Rent, where he played the role of Benjamin Coffin and Idina, the role of Maureen Johnson. For those who don’t know: Idina played the lead role in the Disney animated musical Frozen, singing “Queen Elsa” and the Oscar- and Grammy-winning song Let It Go.

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Later, things between Diggs and Menzel eventually turned sour and the couple filed for divorce in 2013. They separated immediately when they settled parts of the divorce settlement, especially custody of their son.

Their separation was free of drama and any form of public confrontation. According to some sources, Idina and Taye became entangled in the necessities of their respective careers and were forced to open themselves to them.

They finalized their divorce in 2014, and both parties went their separate ways peacefully after ten years of marriage.

Dating, Girlfriend

Taye moved on after the divorce and began a new relationship with another woman, Amanza Smith-Brown, who is the mother of two children. He has appeared with his new girlfriend at several award ceremonies, including the 2014 BET Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Taye Diggs Wife, Son, Divorce, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Is He Gay?
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Is Taye Diggs Gay or Straight?

Here are the many reasons why this question is often asked on the internet. The actor’s mysterious divorce from his ex-wife Idina Menzel has caused many to question his sexuality.

It wasn’t just that sometime in 2017, Taye Diggs published a revealing photo of himself on Instagram. The photo, which was a rear view of the actor, showed his naked butt in a reflection. The erotic photo also showed a shirt knot tied at the back of his waist – in fact, some flashy gay signs. As expected, the racy photo triggered gay rumors about the actor, with many doubting his often depicted heterosexual sexuality.

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There’s more: Diggs gave a dashing performance in an episode of Lip Sync Battle, paying tribute to legendary Grammy-winning dirrrty diva Christina Aguilera. Diggs wore a female costume to perform Cristina’s Candyman and left a lot of judgments and some gay suspicions in the minds of the enthusiastic audience and the general public alike.

The same goes for his many Broadway performances, where he effortlessly transforms into any male or female character. Although he often speaks in jest, the actor and singer have also made some gay comments to paparazzi and interviewers.

But Diggs has never claimed to be gay. He is heterosexual and his past and present relationships are proof of this.

His Height, Weight, and Measurements

Diggs not only looks good on his face but also has a handsome body that matches his cute face. He stands at 5ft 10″ and weighs 80 kg. The actor and singer with dark brown eyes wear size 10 (US) for his shoes. He also has the right muscular body, which beautifies his masculine stature.

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