Tony Shalhoub Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Siblings, Religion, Net Worth

The multiple award-winning American star actor and filmmaker Tony Shalhoub are known, among many others, for his quirky leading role in the television series Monk.

The Lebanese-American actor, who began acting in the mid-1980s, has undoubtedly had a successful career with countless ethnic roles, including his first prominent portrayal of a romantically inclined Italian taxi driver in the sitcom – Wings. Here are the things you need to know about the actor.

Tony Shalhoub Early Life and Rise to Fame

Tony was born on 9 October 1953 to Anthony Marcus Shalhoub. He was born and raised with his siblings in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He made his first acting venture at the age of six in a school production of The King and me, thanks to his older sister Sussan, who suggested his name as an extra in the high school production.

Tony Shalhoub attended a public high school known as Green Bay East High School. He also studied for a short time at the University of Wisconsin before transferring to the University of Southern Maine, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in drama. He later earned a master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama.

Tony Shalhoub – Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Siblings, Religion, Net Worth
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Tony’s first appearance on television was in 1986 in the crime series The Equalizer. Two years later he had his first television film appearance in Alone in the Neon Jungle. Other television series in which he starred were Money, Power, Murder, Day One, and Monsters. Due to his ability to fully immerse himself in the portrayal of characters, Tony Shalhoub has been given several other successful film and television series roles, which in turn has led to his popularity as one of the active and skilled actors to be reckoned with. His recent films such as Final Portrait, Cars 3, Rosy and his recent television series such as The Price and The Band’s Visit could testify to this.

Tony made his directorial debut in 2002 in the film Made-Up, in which he starred with his wife Brooke Adams and her sister Lynne Adams.

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Tony Shalhoub Net Worth

The Lebanese-American actor, producer, and director has been active in the entertainment industry for decades and his talents range from television to the big screen and Broadway stage.

He has an estimated net worth of $30 million that he has earned by maintaining a fruitful career in Hollywood, both on the big screen and on television. His role as Adrian Monk in the crime series Monk helped to boost his income.

He received a Tony Award for his performance in a 2014 play entitled Act One, in which he appeared as the American playwright Moss Hart. He also won an award for The Band’s Visit, a musical about an Egyptian police band stranded in an Israeli desert village.

Tony Shalhoub Family – Siblings, Wife, and Children

Tony Shalhoub was born into the Shalhoub family as the ninth of ten children of Joe, a meat trader, and his wife Helen. His father left Lebanon at the age of eight and went to the USA where he started his meat sales business. While running his business in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he met and married Helen, a second-generation Lebanese American, and together they had Tony and his siblings. They include Michael Shalhoub, Susan Shalhoub Larkin, Dan Shalhoub, Jane, and Deborah Shalhoub-Landin.

Like his brother, Michael is a well-known actor. Together they starred in the American crime TV series Monk. Sussan is Tony’s older sister, she is also an actress known for her roles in movies like Stranger Things, Good Deeds and Last Vegas, and many others.

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Tony is married to Brooke Adams, an American actress best known for her role as Abby in the American love drama Days of Heaven, released in 1978. The two probably became lovers while working on one of several films in which they both appeared.

Shalhoub and Adams married in 1992, the couple has no biological children, but two adorable daughters – Josie Lynn and Sophie – who adopted them. Adams first adopted Josie, and after their marriage to Tony, they both became the parents of the little girl. In 1994 they adopted another daughter, Sophie, who was born in 1993.

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In December 2016, their first daughter Josie, born in 1989, got engaged to their preschool teacher; the family has not yet announced their marriage date. Tony and Brooke lead a very stable and perfect married life. They are often seen together at various award ceremonies and red carpet events.

What’s His Religion? 

It is known that the Shalhoub family are Maronites. Therefore, according to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, he belongs to the Christian sect of Syrian origin.

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