Cris Collinsworth Bio, Wife (Holly Bankemper), Sons, Family, Net Worth
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Not many celebrity marriages have lasted as long as those between Cris Collinsworth and his wife Holly Bankemper. The two met when they were college students. She graduated before her husband and then practiced law in Cincinnati, while her husband gradually built an impressive career as a football player and later as a sports journalist after college. Today, the strong bond between them over the years has made people want to know more about the family. Here is everything there is to know about them, in addition to a profile of the Patriarch.

Background of Cris Collinsworth

On January 27, 1959, his birth was registered as a death named Anthony Cris Collinsworth and he was born in Dayton, Ohio, the son of Abraham Lincoln “Abe” Collinsworth and Donetta Browning Collinsworth. His parents were both educators, in addition to which his father played basketball and later became a coach in the sport. Cris also had brothers named Kyle and Greg Collinsworth with whom he grew up.

Growing up in 1963, the family moved to Titusville, Florida, where Cris attended Astronaut High School, where he played football and was recognized as an All-American quarterback among many other honors.

Cris Collinsworth – Bio, Wife (Holly Bankemper), Sons, Family, Net Worth
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With a sports scholarship ahead of him, the boy studied at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida from 1977 to 1980, where he improved his versatility and style of play on the university football team. He started out as a quarterback and then switched to a wide receiver, where his performance improved dramatically and he was in sync with the rest of the team. As a result, he set impressive records in his college career, some of which are yet to be broken.

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After college, Cris Collinsworth was drafted in 1981 by the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL draft as the 37th overall pick in the second round. Cris proved his worth with the Bengals and was known to be a threat to cornerbacks of smaller stature with his speed. With his speed, he was often faster than the opponent’s defense, received 1,000 yards, and was called to the Pro Bowl from 1981 to 83. He played 107 games in 8 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, scoring 417 receptions, 6, 689 yards, and 36 touchdowns.

After retiring from football, Cris Collinsworth began another phase of his career as a sports broadcaster. He started at Cincinnati station WLW, a sports radio talk show, before becoming a reporter for Showtime’s (formerly HBO) Inside the NFL in 1989. Continuing his career in radio, he worked with NBC on their NFL show and the NBC Foreplay Show, the Sunday Foreplay Show Fox NFL, the Sunday Night NFL, the Thursday night games of the NFL Network. He hosts WGN America and has also worked as a commentator on Madden NFL 09, 10, 11, and NFL 12.

Family: Wife (Holly Bankemper), Sons

Cris Collinsworth found love where Holly Bankemper was punctual when they were college students. Holly graduated as a lawyer in 1988 and then practiced that profession in Cincinnati. She is a rather private person, but not much would have been known about her marriage to a football star who became a media personality. The two have been married since 1989 and have four children, two sons, and two daughters.

Cris Collinsworth – Bio, Wife (Holly Bankemper), Sons, Family, Net Worth
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Austin, Ashley, Katie, and Jac. are their children. Austin Collinsworth played football during his safety studies and was named captain of his school team at the University of Notre Dame. His football career ended after a series of injuries. He later earned a Master’s degree in Finance in 2014, and today he is Vice President of Digital Distribution for App Pro Football Focus.

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Ashley Collinsworth studied at Harvard and was an athlete. She was an athlete. The youngest of the Collinsworth’s, Jac and Katie, both work in media. Jac has previously worked at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and is now working as a reporter for ESPN on the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown, while Katie works as a business marketing manager for GolfNow.

Net Worth

Collinsworth has certainly seen the best things in life. His career both as a football player and as a sports journalist has led him to success in both areas. Cris Collinsworth’s net worth of $12 million and his annual income of $2 million are a perfect match. If he continues his broadcasting career, millions more are likely to exceed his current financial situation.