Who Is Boxbox, Who Is The Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Here Are the Facts

BoxBox is a social media star who has made a name for himself on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, where he plays live streams of League of Legends. He started out on Twitch and built a huge fan base before moving on to other platforms. Today, he has managed to build a following that goes into the millions. Here you can find everything worth knowing about him.

Who Is Boxbox? Biography

Although more popular under his nickname Boxbox, the player was born Albert Sun Zheng on June 17, 1996, in Fairfax, Virginia. Although he was born in the USA and given a Korean name, Zheng is of Chinese origin.

As he grew up, he came into contact with gambling early in his life, as well as with some musical instruments such as the trumpet. Nevertheless, it was gambling that he preferred other things.

Since his life is all about live streaming and gambling, not much is known about his private life and upbringing, nor about his educational background.

Who Is Boxbox, Who Is The Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Here Are the Facts
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It was on Twitch and later on YouTube when BoxBox made a name for itself. Although more popular for League of Legends, he has also played many other games, including Fortnite. He came to YouTube to build a channel that had over 1.2 million subscribers in the second half of 2018. From 2011, he has accumulated over 1.8 billion hits and more than 260 videos. He is also very popular on Twitch, where he has over 1.3 million followers.

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Apart from gaming, Boxbox is also interested in cosplay, but he doesn’t take it as seriously as his games and other activities.

As mentioned before, the player has made a name for himself through his streaming, but then he joined Velocity eSports as a replacement player in 2013. In the same year, he left the organization. So far he hasn’t joined any other gaming group as he takes his vlogging more seriously than anything else.

Who Is His Girlfriend Or Is He Gay?

One of the questions Boxbox keeps asking is whether he is gay or not. It’s not very surprising that people think so, especially considering that as a woman he likes to cosplay.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence that he has ever been with a man in the past. In fact, he has stated more than once that he is not gay.

It is not known how many women he has dated in the past, but the name of his last girlfriend is Annie. The two of them were together for some time before they broke it off. Just like the player, Annie has her own Vlog where she also plays games, but then hers is less popular than Boxbox’s. They have played many games together in the past, like MapleStory Date, League of Legends, and many others.

Who Is Boxbox, Who Is The Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Here Are the Facts
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Interestingly, the reason for the break-in of their relationship was the stress of school for Annie, who is said to have attended nursing school. But then they got back together later because neither of them was happy without the other. Since then the two have been together.

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Here are more facts about him

  • Zheng has a very impressive following in social media. He has over 300,000 likes on Facebook, over 170,000 fans on Twitter, and over 20,000 followers on Instagram.
  • You can easily see him as someone of average height, but when you see Zheng off-stream, he has a very intimidating height and is well built. He stands at a height of over 6 feet.
  • He may not look like this when he plays his games or cosplayed, but Albert is a rather shy individual.
  • Boombox has been involved in some charity work. He recently joined Team Liquid to support the IMC charity.
  • After making a name for himself in League of Legends competitions, he participated in Amazon’s Champions of Fire Invitational. Before the event, he took the time to study his opponents, which gave him the advantage of taking home the $100,000 grand prize.

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