Who Is Mark Thomas (Musical.ly Star), How Old is He, What is He Up To Now?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are the big popular social media platforms that many of us have come to know and associate with. But for Mark Thomas and many other young people in his age group, the above-mentioned platforms are just a few of the hundreds of social media platforms.

Musical.ly is one of many of these other platforms that young people find really interesting and useful. With over 200 million confirmed registered users, Musical.ly is very popular with tweens and teenagers. And if you’re really passionate about reaching teens in this age group or marketing a brand that’s meant for them, you might as well sign up on this platform.

This is what many of these young people find interesting and endearing about this platform. It allows them to share short videos of their performances, lip-sync videos, and even short videos with original content. And if someone likes the performance of a musician (Musical.ly fans are known as musicians), they are allowed to pay virtual tips with real money. Many of these musicians have become popular through their videos on the platform, and Mark Thomas is one of them.

Who Is Mark Thomas (Musical.ly Star), How Old is He, What is He Up To Now?
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Who Is Mark Thomas (Musical.ly Star)?

Mark Thomas, also known to many as Duhitzmark, is a singer and an internet celebrity who has become very popular through the app Musical.ly and YouNow, where he uploads lip-sync and other videos from time to time. He is also popular on YouTube and Instagram, where together he has won nearly 4 million followers.

In 2016 he released his first singles and the following year his first EP. Mark has also made several Musical.ly videos with some other popular internet celebrities such as Jackson Krecioch, Loren Gray, Nathan Triska, and Zach Clayton.

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How Old is He?

Mark Thomas was born on this beautiful Thursday, March 29, 2001, as Mark Christopher Thomas in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, where he still lives with his parents and older sister. Although there is no information online about his parents, their names, or what they do, Mark has exchanged videos with his sister Mullaney Christine Thomas, who is also a singer and an Instagram star. Due to his busy schedule, Duhitzmark is taught at home.

How He Began And What He Is Up To Now

Mark became really famous for his Musical.ly videos, which were in vogue in social media. He currently has over 5 million fans on his musical.ly account, mark Thomas, which is in addition to the over 3 million fans he has on his Instagram account – duhitzmark.

His fame tripled in 2016 when he released his two singles “Selfie” and “Mistletoe”. The videos soon went viral and were found all over the internet, tripling his influence and popularity in social media and making him the most wanted and followed personality not only on Music.ly but also on YouNow. He was part of the Weekend Rush Tour 2017.

Mark Thomas is still shooting videos and gaining popularity online. He can be seen on Instagram, Twitter, and YouNow as duhitzmark and on Snapchat as tumblr_mark. He also has a Youtube channel.

Who Is Mark Thomas (Musical.ly Star), How Old is He, What is He Up To Now?

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Other Facts You Should Know About Mark Thomas

  • He wanted to be a writer, but now he is an internet personality, and I guess he will make his dreams come true soon.
  • His birth sign is Aries, his hair is dyed blond and his eyes are blue.
  • When Mark is not shooting videos and wants to relax, he plays soccer. His favorite dishes are Alfredo pasta and Ceaser salad. He loves the color blue and would wear a blue shirt on white jeans every day.
  • In 2018, he went to the prom with Madison Lewis but is currently not together. In November 2015 he tweeted that his perfect date would have to be cuddling, blankets, ice cream, scary movie, kissing and falling asleep together.
  • He introduced Kelianne Stankus in a video that he posted on musical.ly under the title “I thought I recognized her.
  • His phone number was once leaked to YouNow after he accidentally leaked Bryce Hall’s. It happened that Mark accidentally liked Hall’s phone number on YouNow, and when Bryce found out that Mark was behind the leak, he decided to get back at him by leaking his (Mark’s) as well.
  • Mark Thomas’s favorite animal is the turtle.

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